People’s reviews of “The Stairway”

Performance is solid, Production is solid, musicianship is good. reminds me of the 70’s jam band yea! Like the mix done well. Song does a lot in a 2:26 tune. cool. Love the guitar and keyboard work. not to take away from the other players and vocals. By bettercarma – ...

People’s reviews of “Like a bird”

Song has strong lead vocals. Good lead guitar. The melody leaves a bit to be desired. There are flashes of Queen-like vocals interspersed, which I like. I really like the vocal section at 02:30. It seems that you used “Bohemian Rhapsody” as a template….very cool. And the song has some ...

People’s review of “Missing”

First and foremost, the song’s quiet, and I doubt that happened purposefully, since the song’s so energetic. Also, I love the disco/funk techniques used. It’s almost like an ’80s dancepunk revival, only much more intricate in terms of applied sounds and tones. The funk guitar around 1:04 is especially enjoyable. ...

People’s review of “It’s just me”

Great lyrics with lots of emotion and beautiful music. By SqurlyMurly – Chesapeake City Maryland – USA The tune and the vocals start out a little tenative here. The chorus is better written than the verse. One thing I think would help you a lot is to get some flow ...

People’s reviews of “Don’t go”

The song starts right out with wall of sound guitar chords. in the style of queen. Then the drums come in. They sound good but they are low in this mix. Then the vocals come in. The singer has a tender and slightly twangy voice. An organ comes in. I ...

People’s review of “I wish”

Nice mood -Sad love from a distance. I like the touch of rain. Its like your sitting at a window looking down onto a street Nice instrumentation with the bass bowing what a great mood instrument. By jdggb – Manasquan, New Jersey.

People’s reviews of “Sweet Friend”

good use of synths and a talky leonard cohen type performance — really works well for this song. the arrangement of the synths weaves and swells nicely. the song seems like it shouldn’t work but it draws you in and then drums kick in and it keeps moving forward so ...

People’s reviews of “Midsummer raving”

way cool piece . love the arrangement and the vocals Very original for sure enchanting lots of feeling. great melody had to listen to this twice. Thumbs up. By lewiscipher – Shreveport, Louisiana

People’s reviews of “D is dead”

The guitar sounds Nice the the hammond b3 kicking in with some synth , i think .It sounds good For what it is . Production could have been a bit better..this sounds like it was recorded in the 70s ..but on a clearer note, rock on ! By Changeofseason

People’s reviews of “Summer breeze”

This is a very gentle souding song with some lovely delicate guitar playing. The lyric is very good and deep and the melody is listenable. I love the strings very much as they have been arranged very well. You sing it in a very laid back style which helps to ...

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