People’s reviews of “Midsummer raving”

Posted By: dario On:

way cool piece .
love the arrangement and the vocals
Very original for sure enchanting lots of feeling.
great melody had to listen to this twice.
Thumbs up.
By lewiscipher – Shreveport, Louisiana

You know, this is really a sweet and honest piece of music! Very well composed, the arrangement grows well and has many momnets of depth and soul. Some very, very nice vocals going on there as well! I would question whatever microphone was used for the main vocalist however, as it tends to lack brillience in the middle register, exactly where the warmth of the lady’s voice could be supported. The guitar for instance, in comparison, is extremely bright. Some of the words tended to get “muddy” because of this situation. Either it was done in the mix, or it was a microphone.
Very nice use of the harmonies. Very touching. Occasionally some tonality problems that can be easily fixed.
All in all a warm BRAVO for work very well done. Sincere, and sung with beautiful intention!
By LuiGentile – Eitorf-Bach, Germany

Nice comercial arrangement throughout. The production made it a little difficult to understand the lyrics. I did really enjoy the piano in the interlude and second half of the song. There are some parts of the vocals that out of key and need some work on the melody. Nice job overall!
By starmandcn – Arlington Heights, Illinois

wow…this is some pretty music….arrangement is really nice..melody is very moving and flows well…lyrics match the music well…and the vocals are pleasant…the harmonies are really nice….nicely done
By micowles1 – Columbus, Georgia

This is a beautiful song and possibly the best that you have written. It has a very nice melody and a well written sensitive lyric. Your outburst of talent recently is inspiring.
By Raymond Porter – Aberdeen – U.K.

Really nice composition, and production. Nice melody, and tone.
By scrEMO – Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada

Gentle, nice guitar sound. Pleasant minor key, I think. Vocal strong and nice delivery though a better production would have helped.
Lyrics here are strong, I feel – nice mix with guitar.
By modorci – London, United Kingdom

Nice rich harmonies and interesting melodic interaction between the two voices. The piano sounded a little thin in the mix. The cello was nicely mixed at 2.43. Good job!
By GuitarNinja – Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

The recording is very nice – it sounds like she is sitting right behind my monitor singing.
The guitar part is pretty but seems a bit choppy between a few chords – let the pretty sound ring!
The arrangement is very pretty. I would love to hear it with natural instruments! (As opposed to instruments that sound a bit processed.) The vocal harmonies are very nice and sung well. It’s in-tune 99% of the time and the harmony doesn’t try to go where it shouldn’t.
As for the lyrics, the diction is a bit mumbled… I had to strain to really listen to the words. From what I could hear, it’s rather pastoral and nice.
This particular piece is nice but borders a bit more on the “pop” aspect of classical – not a problem to me at all, but good to acknowledge. Well done!
By Elftay – Glen Carbon, Illinois

Singer has a lovely voice. The harmony requires more resolution: there is one chord (an e in the bass, with a b and an a in there) which needs to be resolved instead of repeating it twice. In general, try to stay away from schmaltzy and predicatble harmonies. The chorus is well done, as is the arrangement.
By dj_andre

i like the mix at the start and the females vox is cool the sounds could do with some life in them but this is a minor point that can be fixed in the production end of things because to me it sounds like its recocrded live, the arrangement is cool
By DavidFloat – Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Very relaxed feel with the intro. Guitars are making a peacefull feel with a beautyful basic melody.
It sound good with the strings along with the piano (2:15). The piano gives me an oldschool vibe from the 50-60’s.
Generally well arranged, origianl concept. You’ve got your own sound, that’s for sure.
Beautyful vocals, but should have been more clear. Perhaps the microphone. Also the production could have been better. The lyrics reflects the mood of the intrumental pretty good. Simple, but nice story. Well chosen vocabulary. The song make me think a lot.
Overall great track, this one goes in my collection if possible=) keep up the good work
By DjNirwana – Bergen, Norway

as the vocals come in, it reminds me of natalie merchant a little, but softer. this song takes me to a lonely place. its kind of hard to make out all the lyrics clearly, but i love the tone of your voice. with a melancholy melody, the arrangement of the cello coming in towards the end presents the illusion that hope is right around the corner, but i’m still alone. sweet tune.
By thebabyacid – Miami, Florida

The melody’s are calming and the arrangement of the instruments are very well introduced throughout the song.
hard to hear the lyrics at times when one really wants to know the emotional roots behind certain parts such as at 2:25 around.
liked the contrast sound of the voices for the harmonies.
By MarsGreen – Secretville, Canada

More greatness from if. Stellar musicianship.
By William Troniak – Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

I listened to this song a few times trying to appreciate at least various aspects of it, however problems ranging from the voice being pleasant but off pitch in more than one place and the overall lack of creativity made it a little more difficult than I was hoping. Although I listened to the song various times at relatively high volume, I had difficulty understanding al the words. The rhytmic and emotional impact of what I was able to understand seemed to work well with the mood of the song and at times the song, especially towards the end was quite moving. And to be fair, there is potential in both, songwriting, singing as well as in the instrumentation. The addition of piano, cello and a second voice track definitely help make this song a rather pleasant and soothing experience. However, to a careful listener, a recording belonging to a genre which seems to produce outstanding talent and production values quite frequently, may find it hard to forgive any kind of imperfection in the performance unless the overall sound is either particularily fresh or creative, or the melody is so catchy that you end up humming the tune long after you remember the actual quality of the song. I must therefore give in to my critical mind and recommend either to improve the accuracy of the singing voice and instruments or to add some energy, be it dynamic or soulful to the overall sound.
By Parichayaka

The arrangement never fully realizes what it intended to be. That is to say, there are some good ideas, but the execution is lacking. This is especially evident in the vocal arrangements. There are points during this Performance where too much is going on. The Melody is sweet, but uneventful. The Lyrics are decent, but tend to become overally sentimental.
By bouzouki99 – Northridge, California

Strings are a nice touch. Piano and guitar OK.
By number231 – Dallas, Texas


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