People’s reviews of “The Stairway”

Posted By: dario On:

Performance is solid, Production is solid, musicianship is good. reminds me of the 70’s jam band yea! Like the mix done well. Song does a lot in a 2:26 tune. cool. Love the guitar and keyboard work. not to take away from the other players and vocals.
By bettercarma – Baton Rouge, Louisiana – USA

I like the insertion of the voice around 0:38 and 1:43; good effect.
Good guitar playing, though it’s maybe slightly too 80s ‘proggy’.
Interesting vocal approach but it could be a little less monotonous at parts. Good vocal harmonies.
Drum sound is too hollow; is there any way you can beef that up?
Interesting piece of music that could be improved.
By OfTheI – London, England, United Kingdom

Song reminds me at first a bit of the band Live in their older acoustic days. Later it goes very progressive rock.
Lots going on with the guitar/keyboard solo at about :40 seconds.
I would maybe bring the vocals up in the part starting about 1:20 cause the guitar part distracts from it.
Excellent Guitar Solo and unlike maybe progressive rock songs it isn’t super long!
Thanks guys for a enlightening song.
By steprous – Orlando, Florida – USA

progressive rock also kinda means to me that sense of reaching and depth – and this has it! the production is a bit “human” but the playing and writing are impressive. I like the ‘psych edge’ feel of human “alienation” which gives ‘prog rock’ it’s reason to exist. Would like to see you in concert! Thumbs up!
By seriousn – Santa Ana, California – USA

I dig the intro. The Performance is tight. The vocals are not dynamic enough, but I dig it. The production is tight as well. Keep at it!
By JasonHutchings

I especially like the organ/synth. The vocals are really good too, along with the samples. Awesome when the guitar/organ go back and forth.
By vm711 – Cranston, Rhode Island – USA

This is very different from most of the progressive rock I listen to. The organ definately makes this song what it is. The guitar playing is really good also. You can tell these guys can play well. I felt this song could have used a different style of vocals. It doesn’t sound like the vocals do the music justice.
By analogkid289 – Cleveland, Ohio – USA

Great arrangement….Nice playing.
This song brings a return to the 70’s & 80’s….and what “chops”! It’s nice to hear someone actually “throw down” music with integrity. The acoustic guitar is well mixed into the song.
By jdz – Westerville, Ohio – USA

this is great! it’s totally catchy n cool and INTERESTING! too bad about the drum machine. but really good musicians all around. really sounds like an old jethro tull tune, except the rippin’ guitars, which i like alot. really really good job guys…keep it up!
By Eric_Stone – Regina, Saskatchewan – Canada

The lead vocals need bringing down a little to make the song sound more whole. i only noticed the difference at the beginning when the vocals kicked in, and i got used to it after a while. The solo/duet sounds really good, the only problem being that the keyboard sound is too “perfect”, not quite fitting with the dirty guitar sound. The main problem is that the song is too short, and if you could add another minute, maybe more, of that quality of song it would be much better.
By candleinthedark – Keighley, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Don’t like rhytm in this one. the drum beat is somehow annoying. Player’s performance isn’t in the same level with the idea’s on the arrangement’s. a little more accuracy on those guitar solo’s especially when used this much. I would pay more attention on to guitar sound’s and generellay in to the production and into mix, imo,more accuracy. More separation on to differenmt instrument’s. Vocal harmonies are well done. add’s a ear pleasing balance. Synth/keyb sound (it can be the mixing too) could be better, more natural. Quite good vocal melodies..where i’ve heard the chorus before.
In overall better than most of the stuff I hear, but in the prog gategory..3 out of 5.
By Sonicminds – Tampere – Finland

production needs a lot of work, the snare sucks a lot. the vocals need a lot of work and the cheesy keyboard doesn’t help. sounds very nintendocore-esque like HORSE the band. interesting and passable but it could be better.
By Expire – Chapel Hill, North Carolina – USA

i really enjoyed the bits with the choir
the noodly guitar and organ solos really didn’t do much for me at all
the drum sounds kind of distracted me – the programming was decent, but sometimes fake drum shredding can sound really strange
not a bad song – it might have sounded best to me on all acoustic instruments
i’d like to hear the instruments doing more harmonic/contrapuntal stuff than just chord noodle chord noodle
By garagerus – Portland, Oregon – USA


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