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Posted By: dario On:

The song starts right out with wall of sound guitar chords. in the style of queen.
Then the drums come in. They sound good but they are low in this mix.
Then the vocals come in. The singer has a tender and slightly twangy voice.
An organ comes in. I think the organ would sound better if it was an octave higher.
After the verse right into the chorus. It is a anthemy 70s style chorus.
The song is good but a little flat on energy.
There is a synth pad under the second verse. I would consider another synth instrument as it sounds cheesy..
Then we are treated to a quadroople chorus which fades out.
The strongest part of the song is the chorus.
By Simon_Mandal – New Providence, New Jersey

cool hits in the intro. i wasn’t expecting the song to go in the direction it did
i thouhght the lyrics were very engaging, but the vocal melodies could have been more interesting in the verses.
good arrangment and production.
By athousandcures – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A very epic sounding intro, bands that jumped to my head were Thin Lizzy & Queen. This song gives me a feel of a proper 70s progressive rock performance, costumes and all. It’s really not my cup of tea and the lyrics don’t invite me into a story, but the “please don’t go” chorus elements are quite nice. Everything is classic about this track, even the production. Unfortunately for me this song feels like it goes on longer that the actual 3:37 it does, and that’s the wrong kind of value for money in my opinion. I imagine with the right audience this would be a storm of a song.
By Mk_Cn – Cardiff, United Kingdom

The vocals could use some work but with that said the music is recorded fairly well so its all good there.
By WastedBreath

very cool song.i like the organ intro at .45 seconds in,it really warms up the song and gives the band some edge.male vocals are depressing but not whinny.the music is solid.great band here. love the track
By undadogg1 – Toronto, Canada

Love acoustic guitar. This is an anthem. Love the backing vocals and the subtle percussion. Beatles and Queen eat your heart out.
By IndySystem – Geraldton, Wa, Australia

This sounds more like a classic track from some 60’s..maybe 70’s rock band. The way those vocals come across,both the lead and backing. The guitars even have that essence. Then this keyboard sound has me thinking of “Boston” or “Pink Floyd”.
This isn’t exactly my cup of tea but the perormance is good and the production is like a trip back in time crazy. Lyrics are alright. It’s not speaking to me but that’s alright.
Keep it real yall!
By scarrymusic

The intro is very long. But the song picks up again. The vocals are masterully mixed. The organ makes a nice bed for the guitars and vocals to lay in during the chorus. Some intersting hat work on the drums once in a while was nice.
By Fallenbrooke – Marysville, Washington

good dynamics witht he drop- ooooo and a good new chord- I like the organ mood- pink floydish- I think you need a little build before the two parts collide in the middle- maybe add another layer in there- not bad.
By tom2cap1 – Roseville, California

Sounds a lot like an early David Bowie song. With the grand intro and going into the acoustic.
Pretty good recording. One thing I would have liked to hear is the intro guitars over the chorus. Its the same chord progression and would make it sound even fuller.
Can’t really understand all the words though. More the chorus than the verse. Something like “Our father don’t know. Please don’t go.” If thats not it, then I didn’t get it. And you should probably be able to understand it.
By rmerz – Chicago – Illinois

Hey, this is some good stuff here. All the elements are there, and the band adeptly achieves their musical goals, with some great sounding guitars and keyboards. I also thought they pulled off the large choral backing vocal sound very well. The song was appealing, dynamic and well produced.
By JoeyFlats – Citrus Heights, California

the distorted part sounds like metalicaand the verses sound like floyd. it’s a cool combination. simple beat and flowing chords, with promonent vocals.good job.
By musicluvr123 – Concord, Massachusetts

with the floyed vocals, oh and organ. pretty cool though the production sounds great. solid chorus, very big. only thing wrong i think is that it does sound very dated. try some new guitar tones and key sounds to modernize it.
By eyesaround – New Market, Alabama

I really enjoyed the mix in the start, great arrangemnts!! Very well performed and the entrance of the voice is very well thought. Good musical elements troughout the whole track and the organ really gives it a vintage feeling but with the modern production creates a very unique sound. Great voice arrangements and the lead singer counts with good feeling in his voice.
By KUROV – Caracas, Miranda, Venezuela

This is so good and has a great commercial feel as well as being very deep. The lyrics are well written and tell a very good story. The chorus is uplifting and it is sung with a lot of passion and feeling. This is brilliant 5/5
By Raymond Porter – Aberdeen, U.K.

I’ve been listening to this lot for a while now, a track or two at a time, and their collection here on IAC is a massively impressive body of work, bouncing like a pinball between so many different styles that you could be excused for thinking there was more than one band at work here. And as an Englishman who can barely get by in French, it’s shaming to hear such well-crafted words written in someone’s second or third language. ‘Don’t Go’ is a farewell song to the writer’s grandfather, and inevitably calls to mind Cat Stevens’ ‘Father and Son’, Harry Chapin’s ‘Cat’s Cradle’, John Lennon’s ‘Mother’, and others that deal with the difficulty of letting go. Don’t let the classification ‘a rock ballad in 3/4’ mislead you, this is a jewel of a song so good, it could be performed on a ukelele and it wouldn’t lose an ounce of power.
By Brian Booth

Nice well recorded intro, you can tell it’s going to be a good recording by that. Comes in big then, goes soft, only to be kicked back into the heavy bass & power chords, all the while a plaintive lyric cries on. Good harmonies, and good lyrics. A song for a thinking man or women. A bit of Pinky Floyd in there. Maybe Moody Blues, both bands from 30 years ago, but to me a good song is a good song even if it’s played on a toy piano and harp. Good chorus. Verses too, Recorded very well and we can hear everything in there, Nice production. I think it’s cuts out too fast! Am I hearing a sample or the whole song? Just goes way during the repeating chorus. No it says it played the whole song. I might have put another verse and instrumentals, in, maybe. Flesh it out a bit. Make it bigger. In this form it starts good then it seems to be gone. All 3;26 min. of it. Ya know? That’s the sign of a good song, it leaves too fast, and makes you want more. As it is, great job. but retro, which is good in a way, a big way to a lot of peoples. most youngsters! Cool guys, Nice song.
By Vincent Leeds

am i in church, hm the organ and all gives me the feel. also like im in the 80’s. im not a fan of this song sorry. i think it needs alot of work. the lyrics arent bad. they need to be sang higher.
By sleeper_hold – Kirksey, Kentucky

maybe you’ve heard this before…but the beginning sounds like the music in a wedding…the lyrics are not the best and your sound is old…not old enough to be considered retro…but too old to ever be accepted by todays crowd…sorry theres really no easy way to say it…its not really that good…very basic in every aspect….keep on rockin’ in the free world…, as my third grade teacher always said… unsatisfactory…
By TheLongRun – Rincon, Georgia

leave out the begining.did not like it at all. it dropped out so quickly and put the song into a total diffrent context too soon. its very anthem esq and you give me no gas in my lighter to hold up and sway along. sound like a british band being american maybe im wrong but that is how it comes across to me. production for that type of track i cant fault but there is nothing inventive here.
By KIZILOK – Manchester, United Kingdom

Intro reminds me of the Darkness, not sure it really fits with the mood of the track. It’s obviously very sentimental and emotional as far as the lyrical content, i’m just not sure the music really backs up that feeling. The track is just a bit too soft rock and emotionless, which is a shame because it lets the lyrics down.
By Orkoliam – Northants, United Kingdom

the sentiment of the song isn’t really anything to be trifled with…. but, it comes off as a little schmultzy…i guess is the best way to describe it.
the production and playing isn’t too bad…..it’s all pretty tight, but not that creatively impressive.
i really hate to say anything about it, ‘cause it’s a little shitty – but the lyrics are just a little too much for me to bear. i can’t deny that’s something to get out and i can’t even relate to that in my life yet…..but they’re just so……sappy. and the playing is very soft-rock a-la foreigner……which just isn’t my thing.
but, to be objective – again, the playing is therre and so is the production, so overall and judging it just by that – it’s not a bad song. just isn’t my thing.
By preschool – Granby, Massachusetts

What an unexpected intro. It reminded me of some big Queen anthem or something.
No doubt the lyrics are personal, but they’re really sappy and I can’t listen to them anymore.
By MasMan

This song wants to make an emotional statement,but it doesn’t quite succeed. Not because the song is bad, but because the production and performance are really suffering. First of all the acoustic guitars; they sound too thin and “plastic”. This song really needs a warm sound. Then there’s the drums and the keyboards; they sound outdated and flat. Powerfull drums and up to date sounds could help make this song come to life.
By baxull


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