People’s reviews of “Summer breeze”

Posted By: dario On:

This is a very gentle souding song with some lovely delicate guitar playing. The lyric is very good and deep and the melody is listenable. I love the strings very much as they have been arranged very well. You sing it in a very laid back style which helps to express the lyric.
By raysound

Very distinctive vocals. Almost a bit Johnny Cash, world weary sounding. Quite a nice contrast to the delicate acoustic guitar work. The keyboard strings detract a bit from the organic nature of the song although I hear what you’re trying to do production-wise and when you do get round to recording an actual live orchestra this may work quite nicely.
Some nice images in the lyrics, and the chorus is pretty good. I think that it could do with a better production including real drums and perhaps more to fill out the instrumentation generally.
By rico2002 – Glasgow – United Kingdom

The song is too long for a commercial pop song. The guitar into is too long. The melody is very sweet. There is a lot of “soul” too this melody. I think it would be enhanced with a different vocalist. The lyrics are very self revealing and feel painful.
By fredferraro

Bring the guitar out more. Wow, you start out sounding like Leonard Cohen. Dark, somber and poetic. However, no offense, you aren’t best singer. You should play up the bassy-low-tone of your voice more. You have a slight Peter Murphy sound but not as strong. Maybe it’s the type of music that contrasts with the darkness of your voice. Not bad.
By Harper – Atlanta, Georgia

original, i’ll give you that. however, it was too slow for my taste. the lead vocal was unique. i know it was likely written the way it was on purpose. the song was kind of boring after awhile. good arrangement but not very catchy. again, this is not a “bad” review because overall the song was not bad. its just not a hit if that’s what you’re going for. production was pretty good. slow melody as previously mentioned. it did grow on me a bit 3 minutes in, but never really got me too excited to hear it again.
By ChrisBilodeau – North Grafton, Massachusetts

This is such a slow sailing song that i am sure that listeners will have to fight to stay with you. The lyrics are ok, the melody does not grab me. The production value is ok, but this is so slow that it is a tough sell at this length.
By oldgeezer – Guilford, Connecticut


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