People’s reviews of “Sweet Friend”

Posted By: dario On:

good use of synths and a talky leonard cohen type performance — really works well for this song. the arrangement of the synths weaves and swells nicely. the song seems like it shouldn’t work but it draws you in and then drums kick in and it keeps moving forward so you wanna hear it til the end.
By sheridan8502 – Spokane, Washington

Nice performance…..actually really nice. Very unusual vocal pattern. Imparts a very different touch to the song. Also the backing vocals are also really nice.
The song is really nice. Very different from what i’ve heard until now. It’s a song that evokes nostalgic memories!….very well done and really super arrangement.
This sounds like a mixture of syd barrett and the later pink floyd sound. Very nice and good production. The mix is nice and clean, and really clear.
By amitpbarde

cool song, nice vocals, good rhytm, nice guitar solos, maybe you should i+use some more live percussions.
Cool song thx
By Lucky_Look – Novo Mesto, Slovenia

One has to listen to the whole song to appreciate all of its intracacies and moods. Each part of the song relates to eachother seemlessly whilst still building in intensity in an appropriate and timely fashion.
Personally I would have liked to hear some more vocals come in at the end, not to say the song suffers from the lack of them. In fact, the outro works quite well with this song. The guitar solo was tasteful and held back maintaining the overall feel of the song. A cliche wailing shred would have been a let down.
The change in vocal stylings half way through was needed and well executed. This song is a lesson in restraint. Whilst patience is required, the virtuous listener is well rewarded.
By Nomulus – Australia

Don’t ask me why, but I hear a pink floyd and The Who influence. It’s a good song, but it takes a while to get into it. The vocals, although I think it works, does sound monotone and hard to feel any energy in it until the chorus. The ending and middle is where the music gets really good. The intro is just too long although, again, it works because it does help build the suspense of where this song is going to go. I think if I had to give advice, I’d say fix up the intro a tad bit and it will be very atmospheric.
By Fatal_Unity – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

the vocals are one of those aspects of a song that you love or hate. i dug them. the singers voice had a real roger waters feel to it; the goofiness but a hint of seriousness to it. i liked that. the song in general wasnt tooo engaging. i lost interest at points in a song, but in general, it always had something to offer. the arrangement of the song was well done. i can tell this band has a lot of talent. good work.
By EtcEtc La Verne, California

Right off the bat I don’t like the lyrics, they sound a little cheesy and simplistic. They are lyrics I’ve heard many times before. This sounds like something that was put together in 5 minutes. One good thing about it would be the harmonys at a minute. The song sounds a little dated like frankie goes to hollywood I guess it would have been good for that time but the power ballad days are over. The musicianship isnt bad and it kind of reminds of pink floyd once it kicks in so thats not so bad.
By athousandcures – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Vocals get on your nerves kind of fast. The music isn’t really for me. I suppose somebody might like it. It drifts in and out of sounding like late Pink Floyd without David Gilmour. Performance wouldn’t be very good. The song isn’t my type and the arrangements are fine.
By UnitedNation – Los Angeles, California

with dark/upfront lyrics, work hard to make them original and engaging in content and rhyme (these are not quite there ) could also have some additional interest in the segments to add light and shade
By kurzer

It makes me remember of a blend of David Bowie, a rock band and a Walt Disney Movie Soundtrack. The beginning, low-pitched voice is kind of weird, but when the music starts it gets interesting. I think the main point is to edit the intro, to do something less weird-sad with it. The orchestration of the verse is really cool, the solo is a bit too loud, but really acceptable, but gets a bit long when the notes double. The vocals are interesting when the singer doesn’t stay in the low pitch…
By FrancoisGagnon – Quebec, Quebec

This song was interesting in that it was produced really well; the sound quality was good and all of the instruments had good tone and were in tune and in time but there was just something missing. And that something was good vocals. The singing was lackluster at best with random dragging and speed ups that really detracted from the song. The main thing that I didn’t like was the tempo which was slow and monotonous and boring throughout the entire song. However this song had one saving grace that prevented me from giving this song a completely bad grade. The one bright light in this song was the guitar solo which saw really well composed and interesting. You guys need to get a new singer and speed it up a little. It is obvious you can all play you instruments you just need a little help in some departments.
By JohnnyR

without the synth strings i think, maybe an organ instead. drums are ok, vocals seem a bit pitchy in the trade off
By ant44lbs – College Park, Maryland


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