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Posted By: dario On:

First and foremost, the song’s quiet, and I doubt that happened purposefully, since the song’s so energetic. Also, I love the disco/funk techniques used. It’s almost like an ’80s dancepunk revival, only much more intricate in terms of applied sounds and tones. The funk guitar around 1:04 is especially enjoyable. The chorus comes to a somewhat indie rock style, and then from 2:50 on, there’s an amazing sound collage that I really enjoyed. All of the synth noises (solo and minor melodies) keep with the funk-like theme, and the guitar solo wraps everything together. Good job, I really liked this song.
By alpharetrovirus – Santa Cruz, California – USA

The sound kicks ass and the rhythm is something to be had! The vocals need some work though.
By moliguy

I liked the fade in. I got a little bored, and then the “chorus” started and I became interested again. Everything sounded in it’s place. Kick drum sounded fake, though. The off-time was very cool. Nice work.
By rynawilt – Vincennes, Indiana – USA

the groove in this song is badass.. i like the spoken word… everything sounds tight, good production
By D1RT – Somers Point, New Jersey – USA

The vocals make this song very alluring! I like the way you have paned the sound. It adds some special magic to this song. This band plays well together and polished this song off with style and spunk. Well Done.
By SIFUDOE – Manchester, New Hampshire – USA

For me, this is essentially two songs put into one – the first and the last half of the song are quite different. It starts out with a cool vibe, with a strong beat and great bass lick on top of it, together with neat old 70s style synths and cool funky guitars. Midpoint through, it becomes a faster, definitely 70s style pop song.
There are two gripes I have with this song. First gripe – the spoken-word bits frequently don’t stay on beat, which is a bit annoying. Second, the 70s dico mood in the faster choruses detracts from the overall mood. In general, the first part of the song is superb, but then it turns into a sort of late 70s pop-rock crossover song.
By AceHullus – Tartu, Tartu Mk – Estonia

Sounds a little 80’s but original at the same time… I could picture this song in a teen movie as background music at a party or something… again very creative… but sometimes its almost like theres too much going on… kick back on the keyboards a bit…
By eight3one – Scotts Valley – California

true prog. i like how this sounds, more keybaords are needed thou and more experiments and risks needed.
By Alexanderdulac

progressive music dangerously flirting with dance (to the right) and with weird bands as Mano Negra (to the left). the mix of these three reality is something to hear and, more important is something new.
the more progressive finale, from min. 3, is really really good. intense, hard to play but not hard to listen. good job, but I’d check again the cocktail proportions.
By philomankind

Nice fade in.
Good together feeling.
Bass is a little weird in the begining.
Performance: Great
Rhythm: Good
Sound: Cool. Vocals are interesting.
By Shadowspeak – Springfield, Illinois – USA

The song starts with an unusual intro, the drums fade in and are joined by a bass for approximately 20secs before the guitar and keyboard join in. The Drums and bass are played well and I love the snare tone used for this song, it cuts through the mix good. The vocalist starts at approximately 0:50. The vocals are not quite what I expected and are almost just like talking over the music. This may have been what the artist intended for the verse but I have to admit I didn’t enjoy the verse that much. The chorus on the other hand was spot on. The singing was clear and in tune and fit well into the mix. At approximately 2:35 a part occurs that reminds me of Primus for some reason. That section was well written and the playing was good. My favorite part starts at 2:50 with a very nice Yes style jam with a great keyboard solo. The playing was great and held my interest well. At 3:46 the guitar solo starts, the guitar tone at the end of the song reminded me of the Drama era from Yes. The playing was good and seem to fit the song well. The musicians seem to have quite a lot of talent, I like everything except for the verse but I still thought the musicians performed well as did the vocalist during the chorus.
By Mkolak31 – Southgate, Michigan – USA

I was just reaching for the eq when that intro ended, funny.
This band is incredibly tight, almost Rush caliber. The drummer especially, followed closely by the bassist.
The vocalist is good but I don’t really care for his voice, and the effects he uses don’t help.
Man, this rhythm section is great! It’s like the kick drum has a string or something! Truly great work in that regard.
I think that the filler sounds in the background could be replaced by an interesting guitar part to create a more natural feel. The keyboards sound great during the chorus, but the rest of the song are too quiet to be heard, and too dull to be turned up. To mangify the issue, it turns a great modern jam into an 80’s disco theme.
I think the guitar works well and the little solo at the end was cool. I wasn’t real keen on the ending. I would suggest either fading it out sooner or stopping it cold. As it is, the song comes flying out of that solo into a speed trap. Personally, I like the thought of kicking the solo into double time and stopping it cold, but that’s just me. Overall, a pleasurable listen.
By tchuckp – Portland, Oregon – USA

Great start with the drums- very innovative and strong beginning. I like the base too although it makes the beat a little confused at times. The singing is well executed and fun (and varied), it does need some work in terms of production (and recording maybe) though as its clarity and force does not come through well enough throughout the song. The crazy guitar solo at around 3:00 which finishes of the song is cool and reminiscent of the Mars Volta and Omar’s insane style- the way you end it gives it a nice edgy feel which more traditionally structured songs (A-B-A-B-C-B etc) lack. Overall I think this is a very creative song with a lot of potential- it has some elements of SCIENCE-era Incubus, as well as some eighties electro pop, which is certainly a pretty unusual combo.
By OfTheI – London, England, United Kingdom

Nice bass line. Nice to hear someone bassing it up. The drums are grooving as well. Great rythym section. I dont know if I care for the vocals, but that is just my opinion, they are placed correctly, and on key. The guitar solo was right on. Overall good job guys, I can tell you are some seasoned musicians having fun at what you do.
By theendinred – Omaha, Nebraska – USA

Really nice “intro”. Love the way the drums building up via effects! Nice deep vocal changing to high tones in the chorus! In the last part of the song a great guitar/key solo arises – very fine compositions here! THe band has some great potential and you feel there muscical skills are even better! The best luck to you! Respect from Drone!
By Rasmussjogren – Århus C – Denmark

Very interesting opening of the song with the effects on the drums. I don’t know how fond I am of vocals that lacks melodies, but I guess this counts as spoken vocals so perhaps that’s okay. Just not my thing. The chorus feels a bit more convincing to me and it lifts the song quite a bit.
In the verses the instruments seem to lack something, I wonder if it might perhaps be due to the mix. It does sound a bit empty.
Interesting rhythm, quite intense and it keeps the listener attentive for a start. I somehow feel I grow a bit tired of it in the end, but that’s perhaps just because I’m not used to this kind of music.
And now I have to question myself for using the phraze “this kind of music”. I don’t really think you sound like anything out there. You seem to be influenced quite many music genres, I hear a little 70’s vibes in there and also a little blues and rock (cool mix) but mainly it just sounds, well, unique.
It’s not really my thing, but finding music this unique out there is hard enough as it is so congrats and good luck.
By jessl0h – Gve – Sweden

Love the into, thought it set up the pace of the piece perfectly.
The bass line throughout was fantastic.
My only criticisms would be …. At times I couldn’t tell what the vocals were saying
I thought the keyboard solo sound was a bit weak I’m not suggesting it should be cut (I’m a keyboard player myself) but I felt it could have been a bit fatter
By CDSherwood

Felt quite “punk” for this to be prog. I mean I can tell it is prog, but you all have more to offer really. I really liked this tune. Felt a bit 80’s, but still not a bad thing. White Funky! Nothing wrong w/ that either.
By soulvasq – Scary Gary, Indiana – USA

the way the intro is brought in is cool…then the layers just keep on building, nice work. Kind of a weird song, with the spoken vocals…but the music is good.
By citizenkaneband

cool riff….the vox dissapoints me….and the song doesnt really go anywhere after the cool intro
By onewireddrummer

The song is based largely on a sparse progression oft repeated. The early parts of dark breathy spoken lines seem to fit the mood of the song yet they don’t convey the lyrics well. There is an unsettling out of time-ness to the different parts as of overdubs not properly lined up. The rhythm is consistent yet unchanging. I believe the song would benefit from an overall tightenig up of the parts and better lyric definition.
By PeterjVA – Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina – USA

I like the fade in on the drums. The guitar lacks definition and is muddy. I like the synth and the effect on the bass. Vocals don’t fit at all though. Totally kill the mood.
By DJGrizzle – Cedar Hills, Oregon – USA

I’ve never been a fan of electronics that aid a song because the musicians can’t do it themselves. The guitar player doesn’t appear too capable, the keyboard player is decent. Not my cup of tea, good production though.
By QueenAugust – Theresa, New York – USA

I like the intro…the drums need a little more authentication i think. The lyrics are questionable, but i think that is why they are intruiging
By Rabidmonkey777

-Amazing drum into
-Nice groove, kind of Basement Jaxx meets Jamiriquai
-When the vocals come in the song is ruined, sorry
By Keso – Falun, Dalarna – Sweden


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