People’s reviews of “D is dead”

Posted By: dario On:

The guitar sounds Nice the the hammond b3 kicking in with some synth , i think .It sounds good For what it is . Production could have been a bit better..this sounds like it was recorded in the 70s ..but on a clearer note, rock on !
By Changeofseason

Longest track so far on GB! 🙂 Time to sit back and listen. Intro is long but extremely well played and sets the mood well. Then… very diferent sounds here, from keyboard effect to extremely dark vocal with strange effects. This is very original sounding. The change is a welcome one at around 5.50 or so, sounds like Genesis, except the vocal of course is in a league of its own and I have no idea of what is being sung. This is one weird song; somewhat gothic vox over an epic prog novel-like melody. Unexpected outro adds more to the epic and it would have been nice to finish the song perhaps without the vocal effects. But wow, what an epic.. needs a few listens really before making a very clear opinion. So much to digest in one listen.. massive.
By robpr

This is interesting. A great, slow intro. Then there is drum marches for the next several minutes. A nearly 12 minute song that holds my attention.
By NetherealMark – Trumbull, Connecticut

this has a great melodly line here.
great pickin on the guitars, are they 12 strings? thats what they sound like. good music i am a fan guys, i love it! exclent work.
By shofartorah – Boise, Idaho

wow, a 12 minute song!!! Already 3:30 minutes into the song, no worries, it is a journey.. doesn’t even seem that long has elapsed since the song started, sort of like a more stretched out version of some pink floyd vibe, some tasty lead guitar stuff that reminds me of santana at times, I am really tempted to listen to all 12 minutes of this just to see where it goes….a nice hammond organ breakdown complete with some marching drums…and here comes the disembodied voice again rambling on about something from a george orwellian future,…….strange….. nice song.
By Abythos

Excellent musicianship with textures suitable to the Prog genre. Influence of Yes and Floyd evident but not overpowering. The performance is excellent and I’d like to see if they can cut it live. The arrangement holds the attention and builds and breaks the tension at the right moments. Liked the militaristic drumming sequence and the unusual vocal for this type of song. The end was reminiscent of a mellower Chrome. Builds to a satisfying climax.Thought 12mins would be too much but I stayed the course. Epic.
By spodyody

AT LAST!! God, I finally found the track that is really gorgeous! It’s not even a track – that’s the real progressive composition. I’m not gonna say much, I think here it’s not even necessary. I can just advise everybody to listen to this track (despite its almost 12 minute duration) and you will understand everything by yourself. If that was possible I would do this the “track of the month” 🙂
By odietamo – Russia

Performance: Good. No complaints there. Nice work.
Intro: Nice. Very well played. Clean. The recording is extremely nice.
Arrangement: Song is a little too long for my tastes and the lead guitar tone needs to change to please my ears. The notes are great, but the tone kills me for some reason.
By mourningpark – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Like the Pachelbel Cannon’esque intro. Very nice. Like the keyboard intro as well. Nice with the spoken work over it. When the drums came in with the spoken word I wanted a lot less delay. Couldn’t undersatnd what he was saying at all and that made me kinda loose interest a bit. THe first 5 minutes or so I thought could have accomplished the exact same result in half the time and by doing so, held my interest better. All the parts are cool. They just seem overlly long to me. I would love to hear a cutdown version of this with a more intelligable lyric.
By jake_karlsmark – Old Tappan, New Jersey

Wonderful guitar overdub to open the song. The amount of guitars grow to about 4 before the lead distorted guitar is added to the mix to be followed by another 2 to create a very distinct sound and feeling. The keys add a very different feeling to this one, opening up doors for any direction and the spoken word bares homage to a classical/metal style with an industrial touch. Back in with that Santana sounding guitar tone. Nice work on what is a very long track with a very original touch. Vocals aren’t really for me. He could really be saying anything but the guitar work sets the setting for this one well.
By Darrenf

very nice mood on this, a mixture of acoustiv metallica and alice in chains. the hammond(?) fits very well, suprisingly well with the synth. vocals are well. everything you ask about is really good.
By Angelphobia – Oslo, Norway

ok, the intro souns like something from Coheed and Cambria, i like it! Dont change it, although i would change the length of it, its kinda long, unless you were going for the iron maiden kinda style.
By pikus101 – Golden Valley, Minnesota

See, if this were a perfect world, I would turn on the radio and hear this, okay? This is epic in scope and hits a lot of high notes in execution. The guitar intro…oh yeah baby! Just beautiful and exceptionally well performed. The main vocal is odd, distorted and fits like a glove. The mix is well crafted; everything blends together nicely and doesn’t suffer. The end of the song is a bit too standard in the note progression, but no worries, as the outro brings it home with grace. All and all, a fine effort!
By noise626 – Colorado Springs, Colorado

cool guitar work in the intro, dark sounding, but not too dark. very metallica sounding when the electric guitar kicks in. not a fan of the organ part, though. it changes the mood way to drastically. in fact, i got bored of the song when that part came on. the intro sounds like its building something interesting, but the organ part kills it. the talking vocals bored me. also the song never really turned into anything. i thought it would get real interesting, but found myself disappointed. even when the song gets heavy, it sounds like the same old thing, except with distortion.
By justinl21 – Park Rapids, Minnesota

Meticulously tracked acoustic intro! Electric guitars in intro could be a little more creative, though at times are reminiscent of Steve Hackett. Vocal narative at approximately 2:20 very effected, dark spoken, and in the background, like at the back of a chamber. This is followed by guitar playing a slow solo without much in the way of bending (again, in the spirit of Steve Hackett). More vocals follow in the same vein as before, and I find myself wanting to know if this guy can sing, or if we will continue to hear him buried in this sinister effect. Then more guitar. A marching drum heralds the bigininning of change (hopefully) at after 5 minutes. But no….We keep on, and on…Then finally at 9:02 it picks up! Well, kinda… Synopsis-cool feel, good try, but strecthing a 4 minute theme for 12 does not work. Learn, and give me more!
By Rperron – Denver, Colorado


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