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Nice mood -Sad love from a distance. I like the touch of rain. Its like your sitting at a window looking down onto a street
Nice instrumentation with the bass bowing what a great mood instrument.
By jdggb – Manasquan, New Jersey.

The acoustic guitar is good with a nice intro. The who’s and aws from the female vocalist are very nice with a good level. The lyrics are so soft and keeps you in the mood of relaxing to the song.Keyboard is good with a good mix through out the song.The shaker at the end is very nice,I like it good job. Good arrangement of music and instruments and percussion.
By Rustlers – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Lovely, dreamy accoustic guitar intro…I like the use of the rain stick..and the cello and pinao were also well done…the rhythmic/meter change in the outro section was cool, nice accoustic guitar playing in this part…
Melodically, this stayed pretty static, moving mostly around the chord progressions and not really establishing a change in the chorus…
The singer though not really a singer, sang with alot of heart and one certainly gets the feeling that he is feeling this…
The use of background harmonies in lieu of other instrumentation in the choruses and instruemental parts was a good idea but it didn’t quite come off..there were some intonation issues and everything in this arrangement had a kind of loose and wandering feel…
This is a very personal love song…the lyric being very sentimental and I felt almost intrusive listening to it…I think it was a genuine expression of the writer’s feelings…
The audio quality was very livingroom, the arrangement had some good ideas, but I think the song itself is a little too personal for me to relate to
By susieboehm

This is a gentle and quite beautiful song. The lyric is delicate and very descriptive. The guitar playing and arrangement is good and the backing vocals are inventivly done and are very pretty. The violin and piano come in well and make this a very interesting and intriguing listen. This is very good work and you have made a sound that is very much your own.
By raysound

Nice intro. Interesting use of special effects overall. Pretty good song lyrically. Chord progressions good. Guitar sounds really good.
Now for some suggestions to improve–one person’s opinion at any rate.
I really felt the melody needed to move more–its a bit too repetitive. THe cello adds a wonderful touch, but should be more fluid. At 1:58, the repeated notes just don’t work. Ruins the mood–like it is an intrusion instead of adding to the overall mood so beautifully created up to that point. THere are a couple of other spots like that, where the cello gets a little bit choppy and is distracting.
At 3:16, the voice needs to be fuller–you are building toward this great next section of what should be a duet between the voices and the cello, which would be powerful. Unfortunately, the voices mirror the cello, so it is a letdown and not as moving as it could be at that point.
Overall, I think with a few refinements, this song could be really terrific. I enjoyed listening to it, which is more than I can say for many I’ve listened to.
By carolcrosby – Salt Lake City, Utah

This is very well produced with good seperation and very clean. Great vocals with a good melody and strong lyrics that pull you in.
The backing vocals are excellent and really add to the mood. The arrangment is standard but works really well and i like the breakdown.
All in all this is a very nice song that has a great feel about it so just close your eyes and let the music do the reast.
By DylanPatrick – Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

The typical classical intro makes the listener want to listen. The two acoustic guitars, that both have a picking style, works and is not too busy as in most cases. For a layed back chill-out song, the arrangement builds nicely. Lots of thought in this production with all the accents. The bow on the doghouse is one of my favorite mood sustaing instruments. The tinkling of the keys was tasteful. The background vocals were timely and not over used and gave a heavenly mood. the arrangement could be used in a film score(love story). The quicker classical pick at around 4:00, lifted the mood to one of hope, which again makes for a great film score. The gentleness of the song doesn’t become tiring at all with the way the arrangement is set-up. The song is kept quietly interesting. The vocalist is clean and nicely up in the mix. Very good voice that is understandable. Good pronounciation. Sounds a little like Lenard Cohen. Thick low range. The lyrics to me are the highlight. There are many ways to tell someone that you love or would love them, but to tell them in similies in a love song is ultimate. Lovely song. There’s a tear in my beer! Hope to hear more.
By DANNO1 – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

I can’t say it enough, The spanish sounding guitar sounds great, you just can’t go wrong there. The arrangment is good but I don’t care for the back up vocals, Why not just do it yourself you’ve got the voice for it. The cello is a great touch also.
By DRUMS4U – Waxahachie, Texas

these lyrics put the mental in sentimental. if they are actually heartfelt and not craft; then they are almost mystical love poetry. The arrangement with low string and female bg vocals creates a lullaby mood. Maybe a lyric like ” i wish i could get real with you” would do the trick.
By R_Aven – Los Angeles, California

The guitar playing in this is exquisite, both technically and emotionally and has a wonderful flamenco flavor to it. This is the kind of song that will never need drums, which is good, because there are none.
Oh that piano bit there is really nice.
The melody is too repetetive, and I’m not wild about the backing vocals. I’ve never been a big fan of wordless ahhhhs, and although they are in tune and make a nice harmony, they lack emotion. Just before the instrumental break at around 4 minutes they become something really special though, there’s a sense of longing to them that really works.
There’s nothing bad about the lyrics at all, but they are not particularly memorable.
By CosmicEarthGirl – Denver, Colorado

Lovely warm guitar sound. Played unhurriedly and with feeling.
‘I wish I were the petal…’ this is a high-risk first line. It’s hard to take something that flowery seriously.
I really love the female vocals – a lovely quality to the voice itself, The harmonies are beautiful.
The effect on the backing vocals is good. Much nicer than the main vocals – the reverb puts him in a very small room and it’s quite tinny. His actual voice is ok, though – so just get a nicer recorded sound.
The real cello part is good – a bit prominent though in terms of volume and sound.
A lovely light touch, nice use of shakers. Not terribly together – could be tightened.
Lovely mood – light and airy. The lyrics were a bit much for me though. But then I’m cynical.
By MollieBaxter – Morecambe, United Kingdom

I like the use of the backing vocals, I like the lyrics though at times they tend to drag a bit. I like the cello and piano. it is a nice addition to take the repitition out of the song. this song is very sad but a good song all together.
By azedo_som – Saint Petersburg, Florida

The acoustic is beautiful, classical, wonderful. Your lyrics are very poetic. i like the harmonies and the background vocals. i like this song! it’s a beautiful song. good job!
By Danna Hill – Tyler, Texas

Right off the top, good performance on the guitars. I like the stereo panning of the lead guitar. Lyrics…well…I dunno. Maybe a bit obvious. Not HARD to listen to, but a little, cheese perhaps. REALLY like the backing vocals at 1:10. And overall, the song is really good, has a great vibe and really good performances.
By andrewroudny

Reminds me of a cut from an album called “rain” by Cirque Eloize…they’re a Canadian circus group that travels internationally. Their album is very much like your tune…very “French” sounding with sound effects of the rain, etc. along with the moody female voices. Well some of it’s very nice…especially the very professional guitar playing and the backup harmonies. Oh I really like how you bring the cello in and that kind of reminds me of something that the Beatles would have done.
It’s a relaxing song but I think it could be made more interesting by throwing in some minor chords and also not repeating the same chords so much. The lyrics should be cast more into a story about somebody who wishes something…instead of being told in the first person, it should be told in the third person. You need more of a story where there is a conflict between people instead of having one person, basically a first person narrator, just making a catalogue of what he wishes. There aren’t a lot of interesting images in this song. YOu need to start thinking in terms of pictures and scenes, as if you were in a movie. Otherwise, the song lyrically becomes plain and ordinary.
By turfseer – New York City

I love the acoustic guitar sound and playing. Nice touch adding the cello! The female backing vocals are right on and I liked very much how you open the tune up towards the end……. Very Latin!
By Rich Lacina – Chicago, Illinois

sometimes my spirit just needs a rest and a breath
By Shake the Fug Off!

Great easy listening ballad with a really gentle,natural flow,spirit and a real sense of..well,love….Excellent spanish guitaring when it picks up pace at the end too..
By Steve Ison – Birmingham, U.K.

Smooth. Class act, these fellows.
By The Art of Essence

wonderful lyrics. what a superb arrangement both vocally and musically.
By SqurlyMurly

A slow ballad with cleanly picked Spanish guitar, a main vocal that sounds like it’s been recorded in a tiled stairwell, breathy female backing vocals, a ‘cello – can it get any better? Oh yes it can, when it goes all samba.
By Brian Booth

The introduction initially promised something quite interesting but following that im afraid this song did not engage me whatsoever. The melody/chords did not have enough variation to create interest. I think the song could be improved by a similar introduction but leading to a chorus which uplifts the mood more. The mood created is relaxing but I could never imagine listening to it in an album and thinking that it was a great song.
By edworthers – London, United Kingdom

the rain stick caught me completely off guard…as did the female choral background. i am not convinced that the instrumentation and the song go together. i feel like everything going on – especially the piano is distracting from the vocal. the vocalists seems to mean what he is saying, which is heartfelt lyrically, but that emotion is not backed up at all by the clutter of instrumentationa dn then the change to a dance “girl from ipanema” playout. it doesn’t make sense for the song you set up. i can only say that in my opinion this is either over produced the the max or underproduced in that you weren’t given any good direction to move in.
By theKARMAband – Oakland Park, Florida


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