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Posted By: dario On:

Song has strong lead vocals. Good lead guitar. The melody leaves a bit to be desired. There are flashes of Queen-like vocals interspersed, which I like. I really like the vocal section at 02:30. It seems that you used “Bohemian Rhapsody” as a template….very cool. And the song has some very strong sections…I wish the beginning of the song lived up to the rest.
By Oinkers – North Carolina – USA

Very good performance. I love the instrumentation and the overall production. This group is kick-ass!
By Sundowncaffeine

is that A minor? a singer after my own heart… i hope you don’t think this a slight, but you have a michael sweet thing going on. now maybe i am alone here, but i thought stryper’s singer was very good… minus the whole bible throwing thing….good tune, good voice
By firesheep67 – Sacramento, California – USA

This song takes you in a lot of directions, it requires multiple listens to take in everything you guys are trying to get across. The vocals are very Queen influnced, and it sounds like you have some Styx influence as well. I’m not a fan of the overall tone of the band. The piano sound is awfull, and I’m not the biggest fan of the drum tone either. The vocals sounded nice, and you had some good melodies, as well as the very well done harmonies. You have a lot changes throughout the song, but you guys did it well. Even for a progessive fan, it was tough to follow where you were going. I’d like to hear more of your ideas be connected rather than go in so many different directions
By MarkDTMMZ – Meriden, Connecticut – USA

The song all together is good, the preformance is also pretty good and the production was above average.
By Chunkiefry – Owensboro, Kentucky – USA

Opening vocals ala Queen gives way to a very attractive beat and nice production work, guitar work is very Fripp-like with a touch of Adrian Belew thrown in for good measure. I wish the drums were a little more forward in the mix, but that’s ok. What’s not is the lack of bottom, please think about bringing up the bass. This band’s perfomance on the track is flaweless and the production is top notch, sans the previous concerns. The song is very good.
By pt5bass – Springfield, Illinois – USA

This is an interesting song that has some really beautiful moments in it.
Unfortunately the vocals undo some of the great feelings I had about this song.
The song itself is quite good and apart from the vocals I thought the performance was quite good.
To attempt a song as long as 8:36 is something admirable and you’d have to know your stuff.
I enjoyed the blend of textures that I heard amongst the instruments and the changes in rythym were executed well. I thought the bird songs at the end were a nice touch.
The vocals? The vocals? I’m not sure what it is that I found irritating because on their own they sounded fine, perhaps it was the blend that made them sound a bit flat. This is a good song with interesting ideas although I found the sound of the drums around 6:55 was kind of irritating.
At least you’ve attempted something that I would admit is beyond my capabilities and you’ve done it well and for that I’ll listen to the song a few times more.
By BLOSSOMHEAD – Maleny, Qld – Australia

A pretty slow opening (however, that is to be expected with 8 minute prog rock epic).
I expected the lead guitar to do a lot more than minor pentatonic scale licks, and my expectations were met at 2:30 approx. Still the question remains – why use them at all. It does sound a bit like a newbie playing. The distorted tone would benefit from more clarity.
I like vocals, especially harmonies around 3:30
By diversity7 – Riga – Latvia

The beginnig got me in a head space and then it took me elsewhere.
It sounds like 2 vocalists to me at first, but now I don’t think so, cool vocals.
I think the drums are programmed, they sound very crisp and clean and I like the groove. Very serious.
The production is very good.
The song reminds me of Queen
By snailassembly – Baltimore, Maryland – USA

the piano sounds tight! i like when the vocals come in with it. then espically when the full band is in guitars drums and all!
By TMSuperfly – Boston, Massachusetts – USA

This song is really great. I like the vocal harmonies and the way they are mixed together. The production is top notch and I can hear every instrument perfectly!
I love the song because it reminds me of old Genesis, Queen and Kansas and those are all great bands. Keep up the great job!
By NiftyMcSniffty – Tampa, Florida – USA

First thing – Very ambitious vocals here, and well planned out. However, some execution issues crop up. There are spots where the tuning isn’t quite right in the leads, and the range sounds a bit strained at times.
Instrumental playing is spot on. Nice work, particularly in the keyboards. The guitar style reminds me a bit of Brian May.
Overall a lot of Queen influence here.
Song: Good work. This is cathcy, and is able to hold my interest for 8 and a half minutes.
Production: Pretty good, though I would like to hear the piano a bit crisper. Also, the guitar tone sounds a bit muffled. Are these programmed drums? The snare sound is exactly the same everytime…if not work on dynamics in playing, allowing ghost notes etc.
By EmperorStan – Lawrence, Kansas – USA

Long song! But the artist(s) work hard to keep it interesting. Great piano work at beginning and end. Almost felt that there were two completely different songs here, one at the front end and one on the back. Can’t say the blended well at all. Should have used a single vocalist during first half instead of the dual leads. The change up at the 4:30 mark is very impressive and leads into a very impressive 2nd half. There are parts here that are skillfully done. Lead vocal is very good and interweaving of backing vocals are exceptional, aka Queen. My recommendation would have been to make the second half its own song. It is moody, melodic, and captivating just by itself.
Just wanted to put a note in one the production, it was excellent. Instument were clear, vocal level fit the mood, arrange was skillfully done.
By BrianLeeAlden – Albuquerque, New Mexico – USA

The song has an overall 80’s prog sound, that I can’t shake off. Very well arranged and played, but a bit too diverse for just one song, too many motifs to keep track, so there’s no one particular hook.
And what’s up with that snare sound? It’s extremely annoying, and ruins the beautiful vocals passages.
By metabogy – Romania

the way some of those vocal tones are getting squeezed out – iz almost punk. but i like your prog rock sensibility. i’m more floyd tull zappa than rush yes kansas. but there’s some styx in here, some queen. haha that laser effect before the guitar kicks in at 3:40. now you’re george michael. what a weird track. this track is so weird it’s got me nuking cheese and spinach with hotsauce and sunflower seeds. or maybe that’s the droogz – but listen: i like you. i don’t like this Song, but i like YOU.
By eztigger – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – USA


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