Thanks a lot!

Posted By: dario On:

A lot of new friends joined ifsounds these days… Thank you all a lot!

We received e-mails from everywhere: U.S.A., The Netherlands, Korea, Mexico, Germany, U.K., Sweden, Finland, France, New Zealand, Poland and many other Countries.

Thanks to Artur from the Polish MLWZ, to Torodd and Guillermo from ProgArchives, to Doug from ProgGnosis, to the guys from DPRP and to all the media that are covering our if…sounds release (I really can’t name everyone!) and that are helping Nick Katona and us to spread our music around.

But the biggest thank you is for our new friends of ProgWereld a fine Dutch site that dedicated us this page. By far the Dutch community of new friends is the biggest one… a real Orange invasion (today the World Cup begins :-D!!!).

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