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Nice review by Peter Swanson on the Dutch webzine DPRP.net. 7.5 out of 10!

Reset is the third full album by this Italian band. (…).

Their first album, Apeirophobia (2010), got a nomination as Best Italian Album of the Year at ProgAwards.it. After the release of their second album, Red Apple, in 2012, the band fell apart. The only two remaining members are Claudio Lapenna (piano, keyboards, vocals) and Dario Lastella (guitars, keyboards, synths, vocals). The first new member is rock-blues singer Pierluca De Liberato. The final two members, Fabio De Libertis (bass) and Gianni Manariti (drums, percussion, vocals), joined in 2014.

With this line-up they recorded this album in 2015 with music that they describe as art rock/crossover progressive rock. Also worth mentioning is the fact that there are two versions of this album, English and Italian. We will limit ourselves to the English version. The opening track sounds quite catchy, with some fine organ tunes, solid drumming, heavy guitars and the raw, bluesy lead vocals by Runal. It’s an album with lots of variety and it’s not always easy to find the proggy elements that DPRP-readers are looking for but they are certainly there. The second track, Fr9364, is an instrumental that sounds very funky. 40-14 is a track that starts with Deep Purple influences and Laura is a folky tune that you would like to hear at your local pub. Could you get any more variety in music?

Two of the most proggy tracks are probably Run Away, with some nice synths, and the title track, which has Pink Floyd influences. So, something for everyone on this album to enjoy. For some people, all the changes of musical direction are maybe a bit too much, but I found it quite enjoyable to listen to. It might be a good idea for the band to choose one musical style for future releases, but the approach on Reset certainly is original. It’s worth checking out the full album on Bandcamp.


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