03 Novembre 2015

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Reset on DPRP

Nice review by Peter Swanson on the Dutch webzine DPRP.net. 7.5 out of 10! Reset is the third full album by this Italian band. (…). Their first album, Apeirophobia (2010), got a nomination as Best Italian Album of the Year at ProgAwards.it. After the release of their second album, Red ...

11 Giugno 2010

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Thanks a lot!

A lot of new friends joined ifsounds these days… Thank you all a lot! We received e-mails from everywhere: U.S.A., The Netherlands, Korea, Mexico, Germany, U.K., Sweden, Finland, France, New Zealand, Poland and many other Countries. Thanks to Artur from the Polish MLWZ, to Torodd and Guillermo from ProgArchives, to ...

02 Febbraio 2009

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Morpho Nestira reviewed on DPRP

Hector Gomez reviewed our album and pointed out some problems, especially for production… Well, we did the best we could, but we try to improve our sound to avoid the “slightly amateurish personality”! What’s more. I’m thinking about the difficulties of some reviewers to follow the concept of Morpho Nestira ...

09 Ottobre 2008

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“The Stairway” reviewed on DPRP

if are an Italian band from Milan and The Stairway is their second album. A concept album based on the dreams of a traveller through his night of sleep in a quest for happiness, The Stairway promises more than it delivers. The band centred on writers Dario Lastella (guitar) and ...

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