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21 Marzo 2023

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MMXX – Pre-order and Release

ENG An ambitious and insightful choral album for the Italian band, flagship of the American label MRR. Their seventh work is an album full of polyphonic and contemporary prog-rock MMXX: ifsounds are back! «MMXX is a very ambitious record, a step forward in our artistic history. We tried to blend ...

04 Ottobre 2016

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A Music Revolution The First Decade 2006 / 2016

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Melodic Revolution Records!! Celebrate with us Everyone and enjoy the gift of Music…do this TODAY! A Music Revolution The First Decade 2006 / 2016. For the next seven (7) days you will be able to download our music compilation A Music Revolution the First Decade 2006/2016 you will be ...

05 Settembre 2016

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One love! Music for Relief

ITA Abbiamo l’onore e il piacere di mettere a disposizione la nostra musica per una buona causa. La nostra casa discografica Melodic Revolution Records, attraverso la sublabel There is Hope sta per pubblicare una straordinaria compilation con più di 30 artisti e più di 3 ore di grande musica da ...

30 Luglio 2015

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Oggi esce ufficialmente per la Melodic Revolution Records il nostro disco Reset, la nostra prima opera pubblicata in doppia versione italiana e inglese. Qui e qui troverete i dettagli e lo streaming gratuito delle due versioni del disco. Approfittiamo dell’occasione per ringraziare le persone che ci hanno aiutato alla sua ...

22 Agosto 2013

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Luigi Milanese – Equinox

A few months ago I knew a guitarist from Genova called Luigi Milanese. Luigi asked me some information about our label Melodic Revolution Records: he was working on his first solo album and he was looking for the right label to publish it. He let me listen to some of ...

09 Luglio 2012

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New MRR offer!!!

While other record labels still live in the 20th century and are continually looking at ways to increase profit margins while ripping of the consumer know as fans. Our approach at Melodic Revolution Records is much different we not only offer quality music to the fans of music but respect ...

10 Gennaio 2012

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Alchemy 2011 – Free Compilation!!!

We here at Melodic Revolution Records are excited to offer our first new album of 2012 as a free gift to you. This fantastic 16 track digital release is filled with a selection of songs from all of our 2011 releases. In Alchemy 2011 you can find Don’t Go by ...

04 Dicembre 2011

16 Settembre 2011

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Listen to AiiRadio!

One of the best Indie radios on the web, with a lot of brilliant DJs and friends, like Brian, Tony, Shelly, Manuela… And of course our great friends Nick Katona, Andrea Garrison and John Orr Franklin! So join the AiiRadio family on Facebook and on their chat and enjoy the ...

08 Luglio 2011

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Melodic Revolution signs Mandalaband!

Melodic Revolution Records signs legendary British prog rock band Mandalaband! More info here.

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