A Music Revolution The First Decade 2006 / 2016

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Melodic Revolution Records!!
Celebrate with us Everyone and enjoy the gift of Music…do this TODAY!
A Music Revolution The First Decade 2006 / 2016.
For the next seven (7) days you will be able to download our music compilation A Music Revolution the First Decade 2006/2016 you will be able to hear 80 tracks, a total of seven (7) plus hours of music all for FREE. After seven days if you purchase an album by a Melodic Revolution Records Recording Artist/Band you will receive a download code for this CD Compilation. Sit back, put on the headphones and take a journey that for us has been exciting, rewarding and filled with joy!

Thanks to ALL the incredible Artists on MRR ~ it is truly on honor to work with you and support your Music!
Released October 2, 2016
Offer expires: 10/09/2016

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