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A few months ago I knew a guitarist from Genova called Luigi Milanese.

Luigi asked me some information about our label Melodic Revolution Records: he was working on his first solo album and he was looking for the right label to publish it.
He let me listen to some of the tracks he was working on and I thought that his mix of classical, rock and fingerpicking could fit perfectly in Nick Katona‘s roster, so I introduced Luigi to Nick…

This morning at least I received Equinox, Luigi’s album published by MRR.

What a great job! Luigi blends together several styles providing great performances on acoustic and nylon strings guitars.
And it’s very interesting listening to his original compositions along with J.S.Bach’s Sarabande or Villa Lobos’ Prelude N.4 or… Led Zeppelin’s Tangerine!!!
I really enjoyed the sweetness of La mia Stella where Luigi’s guitar is softly blended with Tommy Mila‘s piano and Marila Zingarelli‘s cello.

Africa is another of my favourites: great arrangement with a fine work by Paolo Firpo on sax, by Fabio Vernizzi on piano and again by Marila Zingarelli on cello, while Marco Fadda provides an authentic African feeling on percussions.

Flower of Lust is the more “American” tune, with a fine fingerpicking playing before the authentic masterpiece of the album: Cosmic Revolution is an emotional “space notturno” which closes this great album.

So, what more can I say? This is great music, highly reccomended!

Complimenti Luigi e in bocca al lupo!

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