21 Dicembre 2015

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Reset on Background Magazine

Nice review by Angelo Hulshout on the Dutch webzine Background Magazine. About eight years ago, I was a member of the admin team of Canadian progressive rock site Prog Archives. One of my tasks was to maintain the’Unsigned Bands’ forum, where bands without a record label could promote their independent ...

11 Dicembre 2012

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Red Apple reviewed on MLWZ

Thanks to our friends Artur Chachlowski and Andrzej Barwicki for the nice review (in Polish) and for the airplay on MLWZ!!! Muszę się przyznać, że jest to moje pierwsze spotkanie z twórczością włoskiej formacji Ifsounds.

02 Agosto 2011

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Apeirophobia reviewed by Olav Martin Bjornsen

Norwegian reviewer Olav Martin Bjornsen wrote about our album on his blog. Italian band IFSOUNDS  have been around a couple of decades now, initially starting out under the moniker If and releasing 4 studio productions under that name.

25 Giugno 2011

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Apeirophobia reviewed on Highlands Magazine (France)

Very insightful review of Apeirophobia by Didier Gonzalez on the French magazine Highlands. Merci, Didier! Jeune formation italienne originaire de Petacciato, IFSOUNDS vient de proposer très récemment son premier album, au titre énigmatique d’APEIROPHOBIA, paru en 2010 sur le label Melodic Revolution Records. Ce qui saisit d’emblée pour un album auto produit est la qualité spectaculaire du ...

15 Febbraio 2011

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Apeirophobia on Sea of Tranquillity

Well, today I read one of the more enthusiastic and incredible reviews about our music I’ve ever read, courtesy of Mr. John OBoyle on Sea of Tranquillity! Thanks a lot John, for your kind words and your insightful review!!! People let me introduce to you the following personnel Elena Ricci ...

09 Febbraio 2011

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Apeirophobia reviewed by Dave Pearson

Very nice review by Dave Pearson. Thanks a lot Dave!!! The band began in 1993 named “if”, recording four albums, after which they became “ifsounds”, with current line up (Elena Ricci (vocals), Franco Bussoli (bass), Claudio Lapenna (keyboards), Enzo Bellocchio (drums) and Dario Lastella (guitars).  Meaning ‘fear of the infinity’, ...

01 Febbraio 2011

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ifsounds on new Polish webzine Rockella

Today is the great day of the launch of Rockella a new Polish webzine! And we’re honoured to have been contacted by Kuba Henrewicz and to be in this launch with a great review and an interview on this brand new site. (follow the links for the original in Polish). So, ...

27 Dicembre 2010

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Apeirophobia reviewed on Prog Naut

Ron Fuchs of ProgNaut.com published this very good review of our Apeirophobia. Thanks a lot Ron for your kindness!!! Ifsounds hail from Italy and have released a new album in 2010 on the Melodic Revolution Records label, entitled Apeirophobia. This is the first album as Ifsounds, as the band was ...

07 Ottobre 2009

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Morpho Nestira reviewed on Prog-résiste

Bernard Vincken wrote this great review of our album Morpho Nestira for the Belgian magazine Prog-résiste. Merci beaucoup Bernard!!! Après une 1ère vie entre ’93 et ’00 comme cover band, une respiration de 4 ans, puis 3 albums (voir PR 52 pour une critique de l’avant-dernier The Stairway) en rafale, ...

09 Settembre 2009

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Morpho Nestira on Polish edition of Metal Hammer

Artur Chachlowski published his review of Morpho Nestira on the Polish edition of the magazine Metal Hammer. His review appear on page 50 of the issue of september that Artur sent us. Thanks a lot Artur for your constant support.

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