Midsummer raving


if becomes ifsounds today!!! We’re starting a brand new project that will evolve the if project and will propose new sounds. Two new musicians joined ifsounds project to make it bigger with their art. Elena Ricci is ifsounds’ new voice: she’s already worked with us in the album if and ...


if oggi diventa ifsounds!!! Stiamo cominciando un nuovo progetto musicale che evolve il discorso if proponendo nuovi suoni e nuove emozioni. Due nuovi musicisti si sono uniti al progetto ifsounds che renderanno ancora più grande con la loro arte. Elena Ricci sarà la cantante di ifsounds. Elena ha già collaborato ...

People’s reviews of “Midsummer raving”

way cool piece . love the arrangement and the vocals Very original for sure enchanting lots of feeling. great melody had to listen to this twice. Thumbs up. By lewiscipher – Shreveport, Louisiana

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