People’s reviews of “One way love”

Posted By: dario On:

where have u been all my life!!!
this is like skimming the cream off the top off the milk bottle for the cream!
love the intro its got jazzy undertones and groovy character. the vocal is drony but croony so i like it .i do love the female backing thogh ..nice harmonise
the content of the vocal is a little vauge but it give mood to the music, it sound alitle like air
love the drums well played while relaxed in the mood the solo gitar has got a great soung to it..but thers isnt enough vocaly to do the tune justice
By macutchi

This was a very cool song with a nice groovy vibe throughout.
The bassline is tight and melodic.
The guitar tone is very pure and clean sounding and the vocals sound great.
The band sounds tight and the arrangement is very cool as well.
By ltjams – Boise, Idaho

nice rhytim to it kinda fast at first the vocals are nice you got mad skillz bro
By Kingjay – Stoccton, California

I like the nostalgic 70’s feel of the intro on this track. It takes a while to get into the song. Once the voice comes in I find it is a bit too quiet compared to the music itself. The voice could flow better over the melodic line.
By Suzka

I like the feel of this song and the idea, good rhythm. Nice intro, though I don’t know if I’m into the percussions so much, I like the conga’s (?), but I’m not crazy about the shaker, sticks out and would prefer not to hear it. The arrangements are good, well though out, there is some dynamics to this song with nice changes and fills.
The vocals are good, I like your timbre and you seem to be into what you are singing. The over all performance sounds really good. Nice harmonies also.
Over all I appreciate the muscisianship here, I don’t know if the song is my taste, but I think its a good song. Good luck.
By Enviro – Clinton, New Jersey

soch melody and drama expressed in the very first chords reminds me much of stevie and his seventies stuff. a great mix with beautiful arrangement, the change at 1:00 is well done and the shape of the sound adds a texture which maintains interest. the vocal part around 3 to 3.5 is my favorite voicing .. other parts of the song the voice does not seem to be as dynamic as it could. well thought out mixed jazz and barry manilow the guitar at the fade is a too long for me ant not quite as ineresting as the rest of the song …
By OneBandClapping – Olympia, Washington

There is some really laid back funkyness to this track which I blame on the bass and all the precussion.
The song itself has a sort of floating feel to it and could imagine drinking some excotic cocktails in some laidback smoke filled bar as the band plays on.
If this track was recorded “live” then your preformance is superb if it was recored by multitrack the it is just slightly less superb.
I don’t know much about chord stucture so I not really the person to ask this but I do know that I found the track and the arragement quite engaging.
By arfur – Dunfermline, Fife, United Kingdom

i like the vocals a lot. kinda sounds like this song should be in vegas somewhere. cool song. i like the drums a lot. sounds like sinatra with a high voice
By Inity – West Chester, Pennsylvania

i like the arrangement. i’d tone down the bass a bit. let the piano or percussion lead the melody. vocals are too monotone. entire beat needs to be consistent. it sounds a bit like each instrument is trying to play something different. the chorus sounds good. all elements seem to be even there.
By jbbremerton– Lebanon, Tennessee

The lyric is very good and you are an excellant writer of words. The arrangement is perfect and yo could not do it better. The instrumentation again is superb. You have a very good rhythm in the song and it sounds very good.
By Raymond Porter – Aberdeen, United Kingdom

this song is pretty cool. i like everything other than the line about freezing balls, that was a little inappropriate. other than that the sound is very smooth and the piano is very elegant. the arrangement isn’t what i would call perfect, but it works.
By ShZnTisMYhero

nice mix of various rhythms good vocals and lyrics ovreall a good song but production wise room for improvement vocals sound hollow and too low in the mix more bass and mid eq might help
By CEILIDHJUNKIE – Clackmannan, United Kingdom

The attractive accents are not quiet optimal performed at the same time,it’s not steady enough, work on this and this piece is more engaging
By Frenz

The music I can sort of enjoy and the lyrics are alright but the overall effect together I find doesn’t seem to work for me.
The chord structure I think is alright but could use some work. However, the arrangement is interesting. The piano playing is interesting and seems to draw my interest. The chorus is a bit “cheesy” sounding to me or maybe I expected more from the song and it doesn’t take me to the place I expected to go. I’m not sure who the market would be for this type of music. The performance is tight but lacks an overall energy and a few spots sound a little rough. Also, it would be nice to hear the drums more fully.
No my cup of tea but intersting in it’s own way.
By dr67productions – Colorado Springs, Colorado

very good piano playing, but arrangement need to be various. chord structure is good in the ends of musical phrases only.
By NProject

A sort of rhumba beat with sweet keys, synths and percussion. Vocals begin around :35. This has a real tropical feel, like something you’d expect to hear in a nightclub in Panama.
This song has a very pro sound, the progression and arrangement are about as professional as it gets. The production is nothing less than great. This song creates a sound that would be simply perfect for any tropical nightclub.
However, the lead vocal is just a touch thin, the vocalist has a voice that is not bad, but not quite up to the standard set by the rest of the song, being as the rest of the band is stone pro and has an excellent sound, although the guitar going on with the same simple riff around 5:50 goes on a bit too long. Sometimes less is more.
All in all, good but not great.
By sheridan8502 – Spokane, Washington


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