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Today is the great day of the launch of Rockella a new Polish webzine!

And we’re honoured to have been contacted by Kuba Henrewicz and to be in this launch with a great review and an interview on this brand new site. (follow the links for the original in Polish).

So, we all want to say to Kuba and all the staff of Rockella

Dzięki i powodzenia!!!

(this is the review translated in English by Kuba himself…)

“Apeirophobia” is the album in the classic art-rock style. We have 5 tracks, most of which lasts more than 6 minutes and is simply packed with all sorts of embellishments typical of this species. We have two – male and female – voices in counterpoint, we have the keyboards building background, we have sounds of our everyday life: closing the door, the announcement of a departing train, or doing a particularly impressive sound apparatus controlling vital functions. “Apeirophopia” is a concept album talking about the fear of infinity, but also the imminence of the end. “Last minutes” describes the last 6 minutes of life. It is so eloquent, that when the heroine dies, we die with her. After “Last Minutes”, for a counterbalance, we have lasted a little over two minutes, “Aprile”. Keybords, supplemented by strings, they sound here is very subtle. At the end of disc, we have the title suite, which lasts almost half an hour. According to Dario Lastella, this song was the biggest challenge in the works for Ifsounds, both in music and text. It’s about human life and its spirituality. In an era in which we live when we are overhelmed by the rush of life, necessary for mental balance is to stop and reflect. “Apeirophobia” allows us to. Multithreading construction of the album, makes that we move from one to another musical realm. Classical guitar like a native of flamenco, the sound of clapping, the sound of percussion instruments, reminiscent of an African ritual, returning a rock guitar riff, a traditional grand piano sound and hypnotic vocals Elena Ricci. All that is in the “Apeirophobia” and as different stages of life, they do not conflict with each other, and perfectly complement each other. Going back to the beginning of the disc, we have two more songs. The album opens up very much alive, “Anima Mundi”, and followed by the romantic “Summer Breeze.” Cover art is also in the nature of art-rock. Same bald heads, immersed in the red water, the background of even more red sky – very meaningful context. The album title was included in the mathematical sign of infinity, and the team logo decorated with many symbols. It is also the art-rock tradition. For the variety and quality of art-rock colors, Bravissimo, Ladies and Gentlemen! 9/10.

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