Apeirophobia reviewed by Dave Pearson

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Very nice review by Dave Pearson. Thanks a lot Dave!!!

The band began in 1993 named “if”, recording four albums, after which they became “ifsounds”, with current line up (Elena Ricci (vocals), Franco Bussoli (bass), Claudio Lapenna (keyboards), Enzo Bellocchio (drums) and Dario Lastella (guitars).  Meaning ‘fear of the infinity’, this deep concept album is about man’s conscience (“thought”, “spirit”, the essence of “being”) fearing infinity after death. For a sophisticated concept, the music is more up front, a little raw at times, and Ricci’s unique vocal style is high in the mix.  They bring an in-your-face attitude to myriad of trad prog influences, no more so than on the almost punky ‘Last Minutes’.  This band deserves a higher profile, as they put a lot into their work, with particular plaudits going to their epic 27 minute closing title track.

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