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This is a trip thought Music by the Italian band if. This band started in the early 90’s with the 2 schoolmates Claudio Lapenna and Dario Lastella, joined by Franco Bussoli and Pietro Chimisso on drums. After Pietro left the band, singer Paolo came to join the band.
The music is a kind of sound scape, different moods pass. Sometimes it is like the early days of Pink Floyd, sometimes a bit of Litfiba.
The main instrument is Claudio’s keyboard, sometimes seconded by some nice guitar work.
The drums are programmed and this is a problem with this otherwise excellent album. A real snare has a special sound – a programmed one takes away as much as the real one adds. I strongly prefer a real drummer.
Overall, this is a nice album to listen to, atmospheric, dark, moody, full of changes. Like I wrote before, if you like Pink Floyd, give this a try, you wont be disappointed.
If If’s next release has a real drummer I will get in line to get a copy. The Stairway is a good album and if are a good band.



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