There is Hope: the charity label by MRR

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There is HopeNick Katona and the Melodic Revolution Records launched a new charity label, There is Hope.

The label distributes digitally wonderful compilations featuring the finest Indie Musicians all around the world who donate some of their music for charity.

Nowadays you can find 3 compilations released by the label.

Musicians for Oil Relief. We all have heard and are deeply saddened by the Gulf Oil Disaster as it has affected many US coastal regions especially hard hit areas like Louisiana, who has experienced much hardship in the last few years. This is the most recent Charity Release to help those in need; human, flora and fauna alike, affected by this horrific man-made disaster.

The Christmas Gift. This album is being released to help raise money for those less fortunate then us, the families that have been misplaced and lost their homes due to the recession. All proceeds (profits) will go Habitat for Humanity via Music for Relief. The Christmas Gift features 16 tracks consisting of many genres of music form independent musicians like John Keller to internationally known artist like Kelly Keeling. The Christmas Gift is the second release to be released on Melodic Revolution Records imprint label “There Is Hope”.

Songs for Haiti – Relief Through Music. The music community has always pulled together in times of need from Bangladesh to Farm Aid So we are hoping this release will help in the same manner even if on a smaller level. Songs for Haiti is a Double CD featuring 30 tracks + a Bonus Disc featuring four additional tracks. We have chosen to donate all proceeds to Haiti Relief via Music for Relief for this project as there is much that needs to be done for the people of Haiti. From the basics like food water and medical, but there is a bigger picture to look at like the rebuilding of an infrastructure. Schools, Hospitals, Homes, Roads and so on. This will not happen overnight, rather years and possibly even decades. In this compilation there is ifsounds‘ song Oceans of Time too.

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