October, the 26th of 2010. Apeirophobia – Official Release

Ottobre 24, 2010 - News


Anima Mundi
Summer Breeze
Last Minutes
Part I – Apeiros
Part II – Knowledge
Part III – Steps
Part IV – Conscience Builder
Part V – Jungle Feelings
Part VI – Another Life
Part VII – Memories
Part VIII – Home Again
Part IX – I will never be alone

Franco Bussoli – bass.
Elena Ricci
– vocals.
Enzo Bellocchio – drums.
Claudio Lapenna – piano, keyboards, vocals.
Dario Lastella
– guitars, synth, vocals.

Guests: Núria Palau, Alexandra Milas, Maria Miele and Armando Varriano – Strings on Aprile.
Cover design by Andrea Pinti.
Mastering by Steve Kitch (Audiomaster) www.audiomaster.co.uk

Apeirophobia is the fear of the infinite. It could be described as “4th dimensional agoraphobia”. It is something that runs even deeper than the fear of death itself. The human brain can’t really cope with the concept of endless time and when we try to define infinity our destiny often seems to be an endless, obscure, unknown and frightening cage. It is in these moments that we suffer from Apeirophobia. While the fear of death is a basic instinct, Apeirophobia is more of a mental “short-circuit”. Most forms of philosophy and religion have tried to address the problem of the infinite in an attempt to bring this fear under control and this album is about how some of them have “filled the void”, shaping human thought throughout the centuries.

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