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Reptilarium – the video

Red Apple – the pre-release

Next Tuesday, the 6th of November 2012, our new album “Red Apple” will be released. But there’s a great offer for the first 20 people who want to pre-order the album. You can be the very first one to have the new album of ifsounds’ for just 9$ (CD) or ...

Federica Berchicci joins ifsounds!

ifsounds are proud to introduce their new vocalist Federica Berchicci, who is working on the band’s next album Red Apple.

Apeirophobia (videoclip-art by Cristina Nist)

On YouTube On Vimeo ifsounds – Apeirophobia (videoclip-art by Cristina Nist) from ifsounds on Vimeo.

La prima di Apeirophobia al Cinema Detour a Roma

Bella serata sabato 21 maggio al Cinema Detour a Roma, per la presentazione del videoclip-art Apeirophobia di Cristina Nist del collettivo ranElettrike, tratto dalla suite degli ifsounds. Grazie a tutti coloro che hanno reso speciale questa serata romana!

Davide Riccio intervista Claudio e Dario su KultUnderground

Seconda intervista in due giorni. Stavolta è Davide Riccio a intervistare il gruppo su KultUnderground. Grazie a Davide per la bellissima intervista e a Synpress 44 per la collaborazione. Davide Ciao Ifsounds. Un nome e un omaggio ai Pink Floyd di If (Atom Heart Mother)? Insomma, perché “Se…”? Ifsounds Dario Lastella: Ciao ...

October, the 26th of 2010. Apeirophobia – Official Release

Anima Mundi Summer Breeze Last Minutes Aprile Apeirophobia Part I – Apeiros Part II – Knowledge Part III – Steps Part IV – Conscience Builder Part V – Jungle Feelings Part VI – Another Life Part VII – Memories Part VIII – Home Again Part IX – I will never ...

On the radio and the last promo before the release

We have entered the week of pre-release promotion. We’ve already given away 20 CDs, but before the “official” release we want to give our friends a last chance to get our new album Apeirophobia with a big discount. Today we launch a new promotion very limited in time. For a week ...

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