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24 Ottobre 2010

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October, the 26th of 2010. Apeirophobia – Official Release

Anima Mundi Summer Breeze Last Minutes Aprile Apeirophobia Part I – Apeiros Part II – Knowledge Part III – Steps Part IV – Conscience Builder Part V – Jungle Feelings Part VI – Another Life Part VII – Memories Part VIII – Home Again Part IX – I will never ...

10 Ottobre 2010

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On the radio and the last promo before the release

We have entered the week of pre-release promotion. We’ve already given away 20 CDs, but before the “official” release we want to give our friends a last chance to get our new album Apeirophobia with a big discount. Today we launch a new promotion very limited in time. For a week ...

28 Settembre 2010

13 Settembre 2010

27 Agosto 2010

20 Giugno 2010

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ifsounds – Don Quixote (new video)

Don Quixote – available only in the free if…sounds compilation.

21 Settembre 2009

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Hox Vox – Etoile

Hox Vox is an incredible multimedia artist from Venice. Movie director, graphical artist, composer, musician, Gianluca Missero (Hox Vox’s real name) is an eclectic genius, thanks to his ability with all the multimedia tools. Visit his web www.missero.it to discover his world and to know more about Hox Vox project. ...

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