New reviews on ProgArchives

The release of if…sounds created more interest about our very first albums. I’ve seen this on ProgArchives where Guillermo Hernandez (alias memowakeman) and Torodd Fuglesteg reviewed our albums if and In the cave. The reviews are not very positive, but I can agree many things they wrote: those albums were ...

ifsounds – Don Quixote (new video)

Don Quixote – available only in the free if…sounds compilation.

Thanks a lot!

A lot of new friends joined ifsounds these days… Thank you all a lot! We received e-mails from everywhere: U.S.A., The Netherlands, Korea, Mexico, Germany, U.K., Sweden, Finland, France, New Zealand, Poland and many other Countries. Thanks to Artur from the Polish MLWZ, to Torodd and Guillermo from ProgArchives, to ...


ifsounds and Melodic Revolution Records is glad to introduce you if…sounds, a double CD free compilation for ifsounds’ fans only, 17 songs from the albums the band released as if and the previously unreleased Don Quixote, the first song the band released as ifsounds, + 2 booklets with full lyrics ...

if…sounds – Tomorrow the free compilation on line!

if…sounds. The free compilation will be released the 1st of June

ifsounds and Melodic Revolution Records are glad to present if…sounds, the free compilation just for ifsounds’ friends. On line on Tuesday the 1st of June 2010. Stay tuned!

Rehearsals – Video

Christmas rehearsals and recordings

Christmas Time was very busy for ifsounds. The band worked hard recording some of the tracks you’ll find in the album we’ll try to release in this 2010. It was a great experience: the old members of “if” (Claudio, Franco and me, Dario) started this new job with the new ...

I wish

A simple video made out with photos by Vanesa Muñoz for our first hit (2005). You can download the whole if album (with I wish) for free from here .

Lavori in corso

Abbiamo cominciato a lavorare sui brani nuovi. “Morpho Nestira” ha raccolto grandi recensioni ed è stato accolto benissimo dagli ascoltatori di tutto il mondo. Il nostro obiettivo adesso è quello di ripetere e se possibile migliorare il successo di “Morpho Nestira”. Sappiamo bene che sarà una grande sfida per la ...

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