Christmas rehearsals and recordings

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Christmas Time was very busy for ifsounds.

The band worked hard recording some of the tracks you’ll find in the album we’ll try to release in this 2010.

It was a great experience: the old members of “if” (Claudio, Franco and me, Dario) started this new job with the new members (Elena and Enzo), trying hard to find a good bandship for the new band called “ifsounds”. I enjoyed a lot the rehearsals and I’m sincerely thinking that all of you fans and medias will love the new music we’re working on!

Enzo is an extraordinary drummer. We had some “technical” problem in the very first rehearsal (the gears were not completely ready!!!), but we could manage them and then we discovered a real “war machine”, who performed his drum parts with great technical precision and a lot of fantasy. I can say we’re working with another great drummer working with us after the experience with the talented Luca “Pingu” Di Pardo in “Morpho Nestira”.

But the nicest surprise of the sessions was Elena: we had already worked with her in the past and we all appreciated her job, but in the last three years she developed and improved her skills. Her voice now reached a new maturity, she’s now more powerful and expressive… in one word, Elena is perfect to shape our new sound and our music has now a new colour that I really love.

In the next days I’ll upload some video of the rehearsals on ifsounds.com. Hope you will enjoy them.

Stay tuned and have a wonderful 2010!

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