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Posted By: dario On:

I thought vocals fit the track perfectly. This is one of those old school epic songs. The performance could be felt, there was passion and power behind the performance.
The guitar was ok, the keyboards added a great mood and feeling to the track. The track could have been improved my so more rocken riffs in my opinion, but I sure these guys did not want that. Good stuff!
By placidpeal

This track pulls me in right away. Incredibly haunting vocals leave feeling lonely which I find is the point of the song. I’m not a huge fan of excessive delay but these are really interesting and the effects are pulled off well. I think the strings need a bit more reverb and should sit back a bit more in the mix or they should be mixed wider. Great backups towards the end!! The cymbal rolls as accents are a nice touch. It has a Pink Floyd feel without ripping them off. This is interesting stuff!
By Fallenbrooke – Marysville, Washington

This is a moody track obviously inspired by Pink Floyd. At over 7 minutes it is a bit on the long side. The song has all the right elements and a good predictable arrangement. All the instruments are played well although the lead solo would sound better to me with more slower passages played with lots of feeling and less flash. While I cannot point out anything specifically wrong with the track, there still seems to be something missing. Perhaps it is that the performance is not believable enough or maybe it is simply the production. The overall mix sounds distant. Still a good song overall.
By WadeB – Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is an immense track and as a band this may be your best track. It is a great rock ballad with very good lyrics. The strings are arranged very well and the song is well construced and builds slowly into a great sound. Great work from a great band.
By Raymond Porter – Aberdeen – U.K.

At first I was a bit bored with his song, but then I started to understand the feel of it. The feel of the song is amazing, because its captivating me without being obvoius. This sounds a lot like some of the songs from side 2 of The Wall. Near 3:00 the song kicks in a bit and I like the second feel, almost Jethro Tull with the vocals. The effect on the word “okay” is a bit too much for me, because it sounds almost like you purposely tried to rip off Animals. The guitar solo is a nice climax to the slow song, and I was waiting for it to eventually kick in. I bet this song would soung a lot better in the context of an album. Emotional performance…the guitars were good but I really like the keyboard work and back up vocals…I think they make the song work.
By wickmi – Sonoma, California

Simple intro with a dual chord alternating pattern with the vocals comming in softly. Might want to ease off that reverb a bit, it seems to be taking over the mix.
The synth comes in at a nice level, but I personally am not a fan of this type of synth sound. That’s just my own opinion. It can borderline on cheese.
This band is reminisent of a mix between Styx and Pink Floyd.
The vocalist has a nice pure tone, and sounds particularly good when the back up vocals come in.
At some point the synth gets a much more organy sound which works way better.
The guitar lead is pretty good, but seems to be a bit technical, like a salesman at a guitar store is showing me how well he plays by soloing so that I’ll buy the guitar.
This song really has a sound from the 70’s or early 80’s.
I think this tune goes on for too long. It tends to get a bit grating and depressing.
The recording is mixed well, but just ease off the reverb at the top.
By bdp67 – Astoria, New York

Guitars have a cool picking pattern, nice and clean with a little effect on it, maybe chorus, I don’t know, but it sounds cool. Gets a little boring, needs a change quicker than 3:00 minutes in. And even then, doesn.t sound like much of change, just a little more a aggressive. Backing vocals sound a little nasal.
Performance wise all the instruments sound like they’re played well and deliberate.
Song overall has good parts, but if your looking for any mainstream succes, I would try to chop this song into about 3 min. Song is very long, and honestly, not really worth the wait.
By athousandcures Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When this started with all the quiet reverb etc….the first thing that hit my mind was that song that was like “I just died in your arms tonite”… i dunno. its just not for me but however the production is decent guitars are too quiet to really comment on and the song takes a bit too long to build up.
By accraze – Phoenix, Arizona

Mate I listened to the entire track and I believe you are an artist who love yor craft. The songwriting is not inspiring at all times but it carries the song well. It keeps the listener interested if only just at times.
I appreciate the way the songs builds to a climax but instead of a written event you used a distortion pedal to signal the climax which I think is lazy. The guitars were well mixed and never overwhelming but the song itself I think was an attempt at being artistic as opposed to a mere work of art. You tried to hard to write a masterpiece and the result is something that blows hot and cold and neither irritates or inspires the listener.
By soundhooker

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