Behind the wings of the butterfly – Inside Morpho Nestira. (3)

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3. 10 years old.

The Morpho Nestira larvae face the early problems in their lives: the children’s games stop because of the tension at home. The parents decide to divorce and children begin a new life and they’re told to grow soon and to understand something they can’t.
You can hear children playing football in a field, while a little boy (David Sanchez) speaks at a mike saying “Hello? Is someone listening to me? We shall sing a song…”. His cousin Judit Malonda starts singing “The fish coloured in blue is moving is tail…”.
Here comes the lawyer (performed by Vanesa Muñoz) in a divorce trial “By the Grace of this Court, this Part claims the execution of the resolution as definitive, regulating the fosterage and the economical compensation as follows: Aida, now underage, will keep living with his mother in the former parents’ house…”


The song starts. A child is speaking and talks about his impossible escape from reality: he’s scared, but he needs to “be a man” even if he’s only 10 years old.
This song is not “against” divorce, it’s not autobiographical (my parents are not divorced), and it’s not about a real story. I truly believe that the possibility of divorce is absolutely necessary. But this song describes how everything can be converted in goods.
A judge must establish how to manage our own feelings, because we can’t. So a child becomes “X days every Y weeks and Z (euros, dollars,…) monthly…”. Everything is goods!

– What’s Vanesa Muñoz’s real job?

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