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Melodic Revolution Records

This digital only EP was released in November 2011, featuring a combination of reworked and new tracks, and completed in collaboration with Phil Naro (DDrive, Druckfarben, Jim Crean) on ‘Don’t Go’ and the ethereal Andrea Garrison on ‘Loser’.  There is a general homespun feel to this release, starting with the melodic and anthemic ‘Don’t Go’ followed by the piano-led ‘Loser’, Garrison’s breathy vocal tale complimenting the piano lead.  ‘Incomunicabilita’ has an almost demo quality, introduced by various primarily acoustic instruments in turn before a percussive break leads to a somewhat jazzy interaction before a soaring lead guitar solo.  The guitar again features in ‘Aprile’ over a brief two minute string arrangement, before the EP closes with the instrumental take on ‘Loser’, delightful piano featuring before and underneath the band’s acoustic foray.  A pleasant diversion.  
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