Reset to be released on 30th of July

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We’re proud to announce the next release of Reset, the third official full length album by ifsounds via Melodic Revolution Records, and the band’s very first attempt at producing  and releasing an album both in English and in Italian to explore lyrical opportunities in both our Native Italian and English language.

Reset is an album about sudden stops and re-starts. Musically it’s about ifsounds, their story, their evolution and re-birth as a band. Lyrically Reset is about those shocking events that can upset a quite and ordinary life, leading you to want to completely reset your existence.

Reset is due for release on July 30th and is the sum of very different musical experiences: you might hear echoes of classic and prog bands such as; Pink Floyd, Genesis, PFM, but there are several elements from hard rock and heavy blues rock acts such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Boston or Kyuss, blended together in what is to become the new sound of ifsounds. Even with the new direction the band plan on maintaining their crossover prog rock roots.

Thanks to Nick Katona from Melodic Revolution Records for his constant support and friendhip and to Fabienne Di Girolamo, the artist who painted Reset stunning cover sleeve.

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