An Gorta Mór – The release!

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We’re glad to announce the release of our album An Gorta Mór!

Mediterranean Floor
Techno Guru
An Gorta Mór
I. Emerald Island
II. Phytophthora infestans
III. Bridget O’Donnell
IV. The Great Famine
V. Doolough Lake
VI. The Docks of Limerick
VII. Regina Oceani
VIII. Long cónra
IX. Ghosts in America

Fabio De Libertis – bass guitar.
Runal – lead vocals.
Dario Lastella – guitars, keyboards, synths, vocals.
Lino Mesina – drums, percussions, vocals.
Claudio Lapenna – acoustic and electric piano, keyboards, organ, vocals.

Lino Giugliano – keyboards and organ on Reptilarium, The Great Famine and Doolough Lake.
Alessandra Santovito (Hexperos– vocals on Regina Oceani.
Francesco Forgione (Hexperos– bhodrán on The Docks of Limerick.
Vincenzo Cervelli – vocals on The Docks of Limerick, backing vocals on Ghosts in America.
Matteo Colombo – violin on Emerald Island and The Docks of Limerick.
Marco Grossi – backing vocals on Ghosts in America.

Cover design by Fabienne Di Girolamo.
Mastering by Steve Kitch (Audiomaster).
Produced by Dario Lastella.
Released 2018-08-27.

Music and Lyrics by Dario Lastella except Mediterranean Floor (Music by Dario Lastella, Lyrics by Dario Lastella and Claudio Lapenna) and Reptilarium (Music by Dario Lastella, Lino Mesina and Fabio De Libertis, Lyrics by Dario Lastella).

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