Red Apple (eng)

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7th November 2012.

Gianni Vincenzi is a music therapist in Termoli (Italy) who observes the strange behaviour of four autistic boys who have gathered around a window shaking their arms and heads and repeating, “The Red Apple will cross this window soon.” One of the nurses films them with a mobile phone and uploads the video to the WebTube site. The video turns viral and gets millions of views in the following days and the boys become web-stars overnight.
Meanwhile, in a taiga in northern Mongolia, the Tsaatan shaman, Oyunbileg, announces the arrival of terrible cataclysms and the tribe decides to move north to seek refuge, notwithstanding the hard Siberian winter.
A week later a worrying report arrives on US General Steven Mallett’s desk: an extremely cold front from Antarctica is hitting South America although it’s almost summer there, Siberia is getting hotter and hotter, and a monsoon is reaching the Western Sahara area from the Atlantic Ocean. Mallett is ordered by State Secretary David Seymour to investigate the unusual weather phenomena. It is the hottest winter on record in Mongolia and Naranbaatar, the chief of the Tsaatan tribe and Oyunbileg’s husband, understands that something strange is about to happen. The horses and the reindeers are frightened and nervous and it is clear that his tribe is facing imminent danger.

28th November 2012.

An enormous earthquake strikes Antarctica just a few days after terrible floods have killed thousands of people in the countries of Western Sahara. People start going crazy. According to a number of pseudo-religious sects, non-human entities are communicating through the “red-apple boys”, and thousands of religious fanatics gather in Termoli just outside the clinic where they are hospitalized.
General Mallett ends his investigation: the evidence indicates that alien entities are attacking the planet Earth.
The ONU Security Board constitutes an Emergency World Government. US President Nicholas Wakeman makes a speech on TV revealing the evidence of the existence of a dangerous alien race.
The situation is dramatic and delicate. It is decided that the New World Order led by former World Bank President George Mason will face the alien attack. The aliens may be powerful and dangerous, but Humanity will survive. God is with us!
It’s war.
In reality, the New World Order is a dictatorial Global State and General Mallett is chosen to direct the Special Police who will protect Humanity from those people whose minds have already been taken over by the aliens. Suspicion is rife and everyone is seen as a potential threat for the World. General Mallett, however, is unable to control the Special Police and local squads around the World start to abuse their power, settling old accounts and consolidating their dominance.
Even Gianni Vincenzi is wanted by the Police in connection with his activity in the Workers’ Union, but he manages to escape to the countryside.
In an unexpected turn of events, Roger Craig, former US marine in the same battalion with Mallett in the First Gulf War, sends a coded message to the General: “There’s no alien attack, this is just a plan to turn the World into a Global fascist state.” Mallett is incredulous and decides to leave for Syria to check the validity of the reports from the local Special Police Squad. Of course when he gets to Damascus he realizes that the situation is far from what he has been led to believe. The grim truth is that the Police squads have massacred the local population and given rise to a civil war in the city.

Why have dozens of Democratic Countries given up their National Sovereignty and joined the New World Order?
What will General Mallett do when he gets back to Washington DC?
Why is Gianni Vincenzi hiding out in the countryside?
What has happened to the Tsaatan tribe?
Why are so many cataclysms happening all around the World?
Maybe the old scientist Geremiah Satchinov is right and the “red apple” is in fact the planet Nibiru.
And if Nibiru exists and is getting closer, what will happen to the Planet Earth?

What will happen to mankind?


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