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Today is the day!

«MMXX is a very ambitious record, a step forward in our artistic history. We tried to blend our music with the choral music, with its ancient but still exciting vibe. The album is named after a long suite: its composition required an intense previous study of the choral language, and subsequently a very demanding effort to fit the rock arrangements with the harmonies of a polyphonic choir».

ifsounds are proud for the release of MMXX, their seventh album so far. It’s the brand new chapter of a long story, which began in 1993 with the foundation of the band and with their first album in 2006. The Italian band is releasing an ambitious and demanding work, with the American label Melodic Revolution Records. Nick Katona’s well known label confirmed the support on the band five years after An Gorta Mór. ifsounds are back with another concept album based on contemporary problems.

Global pandemic inspired ifsounds for a work which could recall the coming back of relationships and human touch. They tried to rebuild with music this human touch though choral music: « Global pandemic has turned our lives upside down, questioning all aspects of our existence, even the most trivial ones. Now those days seem so far away in the past, but I think that we lived the most absurd, alienating and dystopian years that our generation has gone through. For this reason we have decided to translate the sensations and the fears of those days into music and words. We can’t forget how this hard time has conditioned our daily actions in such a dramatic way and how our has irreversibly changed. We chose to tell the story of those years through choral music, a musical genre which provides the closest contact between people, that human touch we lost by the pandemic».

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