Interview with Andrea Pinti, the genius behind ifsounds’ cover arts

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Andrea Pinti is the artist who painted the last two cover arts of the ifsounds‘ albums. Let’s know better this visionary artist.

– Hi Andrea. First of all tell us something about you, your job and your art.
I’m a 35 years old architect from Florence, with a strong passion for painting. I guess I began painting when I was 5 and never stopped: I think it’s incredibly exciting and creative making live on a paper the boundless world of fantasy. I can barely be genuinely creative and “artistic” as an architect, so in my spare time (usually in the night) the creatures that live in my fantasy knock at my door asking to born once again with my art.

– Why did you begin to work with ifsounds?
Dario, Claudio and Paolo are old friends: I used to spend great summer holidays with them in Petacciato.

– Your cover arts got a big success among fans and press: some reviewer said, with a good dosis of sarcasm, that the sleeve design is the most valuable part of the album… What about your personal success?
LOL! I guess Dario should pay me an higher percentage of the incomings!

– Tell us something about your paintings. What does the cover of “The Stairway” express?
For me it’s very complicated trying to describe my works, usually because they are simply dreamy visions generated along the unpredictable paths of the fantasy. Sometimes Dario gives me a general idea and I start to create totally free. In the cover art of “The Stairway” I wanted to describe two characters: the first is the Nature, apparently static, almost being in an everlasting waiting, who knows well it’s immortal; the second is the Man, infinitively little, who tries hard to find the meaning of his brief life… but everyone can give it his own meaning.

– And what the cover art of “Morpho Nestira”?
It’s about love. Two lives that merge themselves in one. But their travel is very short, just one night, a drop of water in the Ocean of Time of the history of the Universe. It’s an idea that balances the materialism described in the album.

– Will you work again with ifsounds?
I think so, but you’ll know more in the future.

– Would you like to work with other bands too? Which band would you like to work it?
Pink Floyd: crazy, visionary genius.

– What’s the best album’s cover in history?
I like Fausto Papetti’s!!! (lol). Jokes away, I love “Ummagumma” and it’s false-Droste effect. It’s genial! I like Warhol’s banana for Velvet Underground and Jethro Tull’s “Thick as a Brick” too.

– Where can we find your works?
I’ve got a project of a personal exposition in Florence. Oil paintings. I still don’t know when or where, but I know I’ll make it over!

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