Behind the wings of the butterfly – Inside Morpho Nestira. (8)

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8. Poison.
begins: the Machine poisoned our blood with materialism and we got addicted… we buy compulsively and we get buried by debts: “I need an antidote…”.
When the song fades out we can hear on the right channel another TV commercial.
On the center the bank employee comes back:
“…and I need some guarantee, maybe by another bank, just to create a tighter … with our bank… It’s our policy and I’m told to ask you for it… Of course we need more guarantees to ensure the payment of the whole loan: you know, we’re living hard times, there’s too many people who can’t repay loans…”.
On the left again Jordi Orriols:
“… I had a dream, I opened a door, but I was scared… Finally I decided to get in and I felt incredibly happy and satisfied… I was in a castle and there was a lot of happy people in…”


– Poison is a Eighties Hard Rock hit… Who performed it?


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