Behind the wings of the butterfly – Inside Morpho Nestira. (4)

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4. Background Noise.
At the end of “10 years old” you can hear again the voices of children and the lawyer in the divorce trial “…to leave the minor aged Aida with her mother, considering the situation, she’s the more suitable parent to take care of her…”.
The scenario changes. The voices of the children turn in the noises of a railway station: trains arriving and passengers’ noise. Every sound is just a Background Noise.


The song is made of four different stories, four different losers who are just background noise, empty lives among the crowd. The Man doesn’t exist anymore, now he’s just part of the Crowd.
Here they are the four characters:
– The homeless: a man who wanted it all, but lost it all drowned down by debts.
– The old beauty queen: she had it all thanks to her beauty, but this illusion disappeared and now she’s an old lady going around the train coaches.
– The banker: he sold his soul for money and now he’s got everything, working on the people’s madness. But he’s lost his family and his friends and doesn’t know where to go after his daily work.
– The musicians of the station: they try hard to let people listen to their voice, but their music is just background noise among the crowd.

– Where do we recorded this background noise?

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