Behind the wings of the butterfly – Inside Morpho Nestira (2)

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2. Morpho Nestira Part 2.
At the end of You need you can hear again TV shopping programs, background noise of a universe driven by the commerce.
Modern world is just like a wild forest where and we grow up following its rules.
You can hear now sounds of the rainforest where the Morpho Nestira larvae start breathing… Morpho Nestira part 1 begins…


The Morpho Nestira is the main character of the album for its “ethnicity”: I was trying some chords progression in bossanova style when the main riff of the song born by chance. When I had the idea of describing modern world with the help of a butterfly, I searched for a Brazilian one to follow the mood of the music.
Morpho Nestira is imo the most beautiful Brazilian butterfly, maybe just because of its colour… Blue is my favourite colour!

– How much does a real Morpho Nestira cost on the web? (tip… it’s more expensive than the homonymous cd 😉


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