Apeirophobia reviewed by Andrea Garrison

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When Andrea Garrison writes a review, she always succeeds in touching the very soul of the artists.

Thanks a lot, Andrea, for your kind words.

In Greek apeiro means boundless or infinite and phobia means fear. Thus Apeirophobia is the fear of infinity. It is said that people who have Apeirophobia try to live predictable lives. After listening to the CD Apeirophobia the Melodic Revolution Records release by Ifsounds I can honestly say there is nothing at all predictable about this CD. This CD is carefully orchestrated and meticulously produced. It is an amazing creation by a group who has managed to truly create their own sound. It is quite obvious that Apeirophobia is deeply inspired as it takes you on an enchanting musical journey that is filled with thoughtful lyrics and haunting melodies that are absolutely unforgettable creating a feeling of unlimited possibilities for this group and their future in music. When I listen to Apeirophobia I just want to hear more and more music created by this wonderful group from Italy called Ifsounds. If there is one thing that I can say about Ifsounds is that their sound is big and hopefully here to stay indefinitely. I also must mention the distinctive CD Cover design created by Andrea Pinti. It truly reflects in art the musical essence of this incredible Ifsounds release. Ifsounds has definitely captured my attention. But then again how could one not be moved by music such as this that is inspired, creative, originating from the heart and the soul. I am anxiously waiting to hear more and more from Ifsounds in their future releases.


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