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ranElettrike & ifsounds



a videoclip-art by Cristina Nist

Saturday the 21st of May, at 6.30 p.m. Cinema Detour, via Urbana 107, ROMA.

Free entrance with a free welcome buffet.

The video art by Cristina Nist from the collective ranElettrike meets the art-rock by ifsounds in a videoclip-art inspired by the ambitious suite from the band’s last record.

Apeirophobia is the fear of the infinite. It could be described as “4th dimensional agoraphobia”. It is something that runs even deeper than the fear of death itself. The human brain can’t really cope with the concept of endless time and when we try to define infinity our destiny often seems to be an endless, obscure, unknown and frightening cage. It is in these moments that we suffer from Apeirophobia. While the fear of death is a basic instinct, Apeirophobia is more of a mental “short-circuit”. Most forms of philosophy and religion have tried to address the problem of the infinite in an attempt to bring this fear under control and this album is about how some of them have “filled the void”, shaping human thought throughout the centuries.

Thanks to Cinema Detour, Melodic Revolution Records, Artelabonline.com e Synpress44 for their friendship and collaboration!

Cristina Nist loves to define herself as a “critical artist”. Since 1997 she stars many collective exibitions in Rome. Since 1998 she makes videos and artistic documentaries about meetings like Documenta, Manifesta, Biennale di Venezia. She founded the collective ranElettrike with Sergio Ponzio making video-documentaries about Jonas Mekas and Robert Cahen, and their last work “Beijing Double Happiness” has been selected to partecipate in the 40th edition of International Film Festival Rotterdam. In 2000 she was in the making of 3 Wall Drawings by Sol Lewitt at Palazzo delle Esposizioni di Roma. From 2003 to 2010 she made performances in London and Tokyo with collective DonnaOnna, their video “Non disperdere nell’ambiente” has been presented at Cinema Detour in the Festa del Cinema di Roma in 2009.

ifsounds published their fifth album Apeirophobia in 2010, the first one for the American label Melodic Revolution Records, that offered them a contract after the success of the art rock band’s previous album Morpho Nestira in 2008. Apeirophobia got even a greater success among reviewers and listeners from all over the world, being nominated as Best Italian Album of the Year at the Prog Awards 2011. The band is very involved in charity too, working with the label There is Hope. ifsounds donated to charity the songs Oceans of Time (from Morpho Nestira) and Aprile (from Apeirophobia) to two compilation that the label published to help People from Haiti (the first) and Japan (the second) after the terrible earthquakes of 2010 and of 2011.

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