Work in progress

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We’ve started to work on the new songs.
“Morpho Nestira” recollected great reviews and was greatly received by listeners all over the world.
Our aim is to repeat and increase the success of “Morpho Nestira”.
We know very well that it will be a big challenge for our band. We also know that this will be a key work for our career.
The band changed its name adding “sounds” to “if” and we are working to make this change “real” and to offer to our fans and friends our best music.
ifsounds is not simply a different brand for our band: we want to find new musical paths, we want to add new sounds to our music, we want to explore new parts of human souls.

And we will do it with our two new bandmates Enzo and Elena that will add the new sounds our music needs.
Thanks to everyone of you who will be with us in this new adventure.


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