17 Luglio 2019

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Mediterranean Floor – The video

The story of Mediterranean Floor Population migration is as old as civilization, once fueled by curiosity and exploration; now by fear. A people fleeing war, poverty, violence, climate change and hoping to give future generations stability. The story of those brave enough to walk out of Africa through the Mediterranean ...

21 Luglio 2011

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Aprile – the video

06 Ottobre 2010

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Summer Breeze

If you like the song you can download it for FREE at https://www.ifsounds.com/dwnld/summer.zip. You can get the password to unzip the file signing in the form below or writing an e-mail to iftheband[at]gmail.com.

07 Marzo 2010

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Working on the video of “Summer Breeze”

Last week I’ve been working on the video of “Summer Breeze”. The video will merge footage of the band recording the song and images about inmigration (the song is about this social phenomenon and its psychological consequencences). Some friends of us helped me to record the video: Adams Sané (the ...

17 Gennaio 2010

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Rehearsals – Video

22 Settembre 2009

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if oggi diventa ifsounds!!! Stiamo cominciando un nuovo progetto musicale che evolve il discorso if proponendo nuovi suoni e nuove emozioni. Due nuovi musicisti si sono uniti al progetto ifsounds che renderanno ancora più grande con la loro arte. Elena Ricci sarà la cantante di ifsounds. Elena ha già collaborato ...

21 Settembre 2009

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Hox Vox – Etoile

Hox Vox is an incredible multimedia artist from Venice. Movie director, graphical artist, composer, musician, Gianluca Missero (Hox Vox’s real name) is an eclectic genius, thanks to his ability with all the multimedia tools. Visit his web www.missero.it to discover his world and to know more about Hox Vox project. ...

04 Gennaio 2009

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if su YouTube

Un semplice video di Morpho Nestira Part 2 su YouTube

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