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10 Settembre 2010

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2 reviews of if…sounds on ProgArchives.com

Thanks to Guillermo Hernández and Torodd Fuglesteg for the time that dedicated to our music. The reviews: It once was “If”, now, they are “Ifsounds” Ifsounds are an Italian band that was formed in the 90s, though their first album was released in 2004.

17 Luglio 2010

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New reviews on ProgArchives

The release of if…sounds created more interest about our very first albums. I’ve seen this on ProgArchives where Guillermo Hernandez (alias memowakeman) and Torodd Fuglesteg reviewed our albums if and In the cave. The reviews are not very positive, but I can agree many things they wrote: those albums were ...

04 Maggio 2010

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Interview on ProgArchives.com

Torodd Fuglesteg interviewed Dario and Claudio for ProgArchives, probably the most important site about prog rock music in the world. Here‘s the interview. When, where and by whom was If/Ifsounds formed ? Why did you choose that name ? Dario: Hi Torodd. Claudio, Franco and me together with drummer Pietro ...

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