06 Novembre 2010

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Brief review by a fan on Yesfans

Mike, a fan from Russia, wrote this review of Apeirophobia on the Yesfans forum. Thanks a lot, Mike, for your kind words!!! IFSOUNDS deliver a mix of classical and ethnical music, baroque pop and sympho rock, alternative twang and psychedelic torch, plus a bit of mainstream. Superb performance, with the ...

30 Luglio 2010

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if…sounds and the piracy

It’s incredible: I found many sites (mostly from Russia) that offer the pirate download of the FREE album “if…sounds”. As anyone here knows the compilation is a free download with password (freely available asking for it by mail or registering in our mailing list), so I really can’t understand why ...

03 Dicembre 2009

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Russian spam

We’re receiving a lot of spamming comments from Russia. Now, we know we’ve got lot of fans there (thanks to our friend Navigator!!!), but I really can’t understand why so many spammers keep on writing messages and comments on our site in Russian promoting everything (I can read Russian a ...

24 Gennaio 2009

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Russian pirates

Don’t know if I should be happy or angry… Yesterday I found our album “Morpho Nestira” available for free downloading in a Russian web page. Well, I’m happy because of the increasing interest about our music, but… But if even a low-budget/niche-selling band as if suffers piracy, I think the ...

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