ifsounds on ProgStravaganza 14

We’re proud to have our New World Order on ProgStravaganza 14 TimeShift. You can listen to the whole compilation here.

ifsounds on Progstravaganza X

We have now reached number 10 in the Progstravaganza series of compilations. And being that it is a jubilee edition, we decided to do something totally different. First of all, this compilation is uploaded to Prog Sphere’s Bandcamp profile, which means that you can get it in high-quality audio. ifsounds ...

Apeirophobia on Prog-Sphere

Guillermo Hernández wrote this nice review on Prog-Sphere. ¡Muchas gracias Guillermo! I’ve been following this band and their music for a while, fortunately, last year (2010) they released a new album entitled “Apeirophobia”, an album that also could be considered as the first studio album of Ifsounds, because if we ...

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