02 Agosto 2013

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ifsounds distributed in Poland by Pronet Records

ifsounds have signed a distribution deal for Poland with Pronet Records. Soon Polish fans of prog rock will find our albums in their Country!

11 Novembre 2010

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ifsounds on MLWZ

Yesterday the 10th of November three songs from Apeirophobia played in the fine MLWZ radio show (Radio Alfa – Krakow, Poland) directed by Artur Chachlowki. Thank you Artur for your friendship and for the space you keep on dedicating to our music! You can listen to the show here.

09 Settembre 2009

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Morpho Nestira on Polish edition of Metal Hammer

Artur Chachlowski published his review of Morpho Nestira on the Polish edition of the magazine Metal Hammer. His review appear on page 50 of the issue of september that Artur sent us. Thanks a lot Artur for your constant support.

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