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Thanks a lot to Dmitry M. Epstein for his nice review on his blog.

Diversification is a good thing and this album, the band’s fifth on a full-length scale, sees its makers embrace manifold ways of getting to the point. It’s not only the delivery of “Reset” in Italian and English versions but also the record’s title which stresses a new start just like the racing heartbeat of opener “When I Was Born Again” does, entwining acoustic strum with the bass throb to add nervousness to Runal’s ragged voice, on the route to “The Tide” where the turning of one’s identity, the main subject here, is reversed.

Art rock elements and the Apennine theatricality intact, quite sweetly in the “Run Away” drama, there’s a constant stylistic and dynamic shift at play, sometimes just for the sake of variety, what with the rather toothless metal of “I’ve Never Hated Anyone.” Yet if “40-14” offers a bout a reckless rocking – think “5:15” remodeled for this day and age – the piano wave under “FR9364” rolls over the drum carnival before the aircraft roar and guitar wah-wah’s take the edge off the piece’s rage. Anger might echo in the title track solar wind to blow the album’s concept home, yet that’s exactly the sound this band have been chasing up to now – different and strange, if alluring. Not even but interesting.


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