The Stairway



Close your eyes
Uneasy sleep (Part 1)
The Stairway
Uneasy sleep (Part 2)
Where have you been?
Like a bird
Uneasy sleep (Part 3)
It’s just me
Find your way

Claudio Lapenna – piano, keyboards, vocals.
Dario Lastella
– guitars, sequencing, vocals.
Franco Bussoli
– bass.
Paolo De Santis
– vocals.

Cover design by Andrea Pinti.

sometimes you need to search yourself faraway, sometimes inside…
electronic charming, sonic dream, ancient embrace, green illusion… everything fades out in the horizon of memories…

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Close your eyes
Words and Music by Dario Lastella.

Another day has gone away never to come back again.
Close the window, hide your eyes behind a curtain far from the sky.
Lie down your bed, feelings cannot be so sad.
Stop thinking, close your eyes now you can take off your disguise.

Tonight your troubles will not hunt you,
monsters are lonely shadows, they’re afraid of the moon.

Another day has gone away and tomorrow it will be the same.
Look at the mirror by your side,
look at the light of your tear-stained eyes.
You’ve come back home wet and tired,
you’ve lost your strength drowning in the night.
You can’t explain how you feel,
so lock your mind and throw away the key.

We’ll leave tonight among the dreams,
you don’t have to pack your bags for your inside trip.

The Stairway
Words and Music by Dario Lastella.

What is happening I don’t believe,
I feel like I’m drowning in a dream,
lightened by the darkness
it’s sharp like broken glass.
Past is rollin’ up my spine
like the shiver of the night,
memories rush back again,
broken promises and there’s no one to blame.

Forty years or even less – I need just a caress.
Forty years aching my bones – waiting for someone who phones.
Forty years carrying the stone – will I always be alone?
I’ve got forty years or even less to find the Stairway to Wonderland.

Hey boy walking through the night
you don’t know where you don’t know why,
you’re the blade in your mind,
you’re piercin’ it side by side.
You’re the boy dragged down by the stream
and I’m the Wizard of the Dreams,
I’m bringin’ you back in your life,
Tell me who stole your smile.

Tear the curtain of loneliness down.
Don’t hide your head in the sand,
We will travel through your head
to find the Stairway to Wonderland.

Where have you been?
Words and Music by Dario Lastella.

My father bought my new guitar,
he never believed in me when I said “I wanna be a star”.
He’s always kept a part of his bills for me
to pay day by day what’s too expensive to give.

I’m surrounded by shoes and clothes
and money and things and remorse,
dad doesn’t get why I don’t follow the way
he thinks it’s ordinary to reach happiness.

Ooh father, why don’t you understand?
Was it too difficult not to be afraid?
There’s something bigger in my life
than ordinary plans on a page of scribbled lines,
than a cute, average and heartless lifeline.

Ooh father, where have you been?
All these years, where have you been?
I needed your help, where have you been?
How can I face my life?
Can’t you answer me?
Now I’m singing a song, would you like to hear?
Now I’m singing this song, would you like to hear?
(Daddy please listen to me!)

Like a bird
Words and Music by Claudio Lapenna.

Ooh, there’s no cloud for him,
no rain, no wind that can stop his flight
in perfect happiness.
‘Cause he can do what nobody can.

Now the Bird is flying up in the sky,
the wind blows strong in other way.
And on the horizon a sun shines warm,
he spreads his wings and starts to plane.
Stronger now the wind is blowin’,
faster now the Bird can go
‘cross the lands and ‘cross the seas.
To find the stars over the sun…
To find the fire inside the ice…

From the dark of the sorrow, my soul became like a bird.
And now the peace is just behind the infinity doors,
no one could break my wings.
No pain…no…anymore…
No cryin’…no…nevermore.
I’ve just heard the voice of an Angel cryin’ bleeding tears and singin’.
And I’ll soon meet Him never to be alone…
But only to be free…

The Sun shines always high
For the Bird of the “Great Fire”.
Shining wings from the lights of the dawn,
Warm rays are caressing down my face,
No struggle in my veins…
Sweet feelings in my mind…
Never to suffer again…
Never to cry again…
Never to lose again…

It’s burning inside of me the flame of a sweet far memory:
When I loved knowin’ how to love,
when I lived knowin’ how to live.
I hope it will come the Bird to set me free…
‘Cause I need to love again,
I need to live again, I need to fly again…

Oh, like a bird I want to fly across the sky goin’ on and on…
Oh, like a bird I would like to feel fillin’ my heart up of freedom…
‘Cause like a bird I want…I want…
I won’t… die…

Words and Music by Dario Lastella.

There’s a time of your life when you turn around and don’t believe your eyes.
Friends who were with you yesterday, they go away today.
They’re pushed away by a new strength, they’re now chasing their job, their girls.
So you realize childhood’s gone, now you’re a man, now you’re alone…

They say you understand if a man’s worth just when he’s not there,
I say you understand if a friend’s worth when he leaves you with an empty space.
So I feel too much space inside for every single goodbye,
now every time I come back home I’m looking for someone, but I’m alone…

So I regret all the times I’ve lost the chance to live my life
and I feel older in my lonely nights.
You can fight to hit your target and when you reach your Golden Valley,
you realize that life is just what you can’t get, because you’ve missed it…
Missing nights of philosophy,
missing days feelin’ free,
missing mornings in the sun,
missing what you can give.

They’ve gone away one day, someone of them in the land of grey.
It’s just our life, no one’s to blame, time’s dampin’ down the flame.
I miss you all friends, you show me clearly the childhood’s end.
Tell me when you’ll come back home, tell me when the past will come…

So I regret all the times I’ve lost the chance to live my life
and I feel older in my lonely nights.
You can fight to hit your target and when you reach your Golden Valley ,
you realize that life is just what you can’t get, because you’ve missed it…
Missing the colours of the day,
missing the shadows of the night,
missing the feeling of a dream,
missing the sound of our band.

You, you, I miss you too, I miss you all, I feel so blue.
You, you, where are you? I feel alone, I need you too!
Time has gone, we have grown, you left something on the floor.
Just a dream left alone, just a dream with no dreamers more…

It’s just me
Words and Music by Dario Lastella.

The ice blinds my eyes,
the wind is blowing cold.
I need some place to hide,
something to trust,
someone to love.

My smile turned to tears and the shadows buried my dreams.
My room seems too cold to me.
Inside my heart burns a wound,
she’s the angel I had found
and the last candle was blown out.

The leaves are trembling like my knees,
I keep on waiting by the phone.
The sun is freezing the trees
and I realize my dream has gone.

My hope turned to fear,
dust buried my memories,
someone’s dying, it’s just me.
I feel deep in my heart my life’s getting shorter.
My soul won’t be the same anymore.
Someone is dying, it’s just me…

Find your way
Words by Dario Lastella, Music by Dario Lastella and Franco Bussoli.

So you have come back from your inside trip!

Your trip has shown the roots of your grief,
you’re lookin’ for the joy you cannot reach.
All your smiles dissolve so quickly,
because your wounds keep on burnin’.

Find a way, find a way, find a way to Wonderland.
Find your way, find your way, find your way, hold my hand!
Don’t forget, don’t forget, don’t forget the words I say:
find your way in your mind,
Wonderland is deep inside, it’s not outside!

Happiness is a short warm moment drowning in a boundless time,
and you cannot catch it ‘cause it has just left your mind.
Happiness is the shiver that drives you to chase your dreams,
even if you know that they’ll be only dreams.
Happiness is the dream of happiness itself,
when you’re back home warming your bones.
Happiness is the holy madness blowing in your mind,
the madman is happy, but he scares the right-minded world.

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