Red Apple




Another Dawn
Red Apple
Web Tube Stars
Messages from the Stars
They are almost here
New World Order
Red Sun Tonight
Space Refugees
The Crossing
Christmas 2012

Claudio Lapenna – electric and acoustic piano, keyboards, organ, synth, lead and backing vocals.
Dario Lastella – guitars, keyboards, synth, sequencers, bass guitar, ukulele, backing vocals.
Enzo Bellocchio – drums.
Federica Berchicci – lead vocals.
Franco Bussoli – bass.

Andrea Garrison – Radio Host.
Roberto Canone – Flute and saxophone on After.
Nick Katona – as the President Nicholas Wakeman.
David Slater – as the TV anchorman.
Carmen Vera and Sun Foradada – backing vocals on Christmas 2012.

Cover design by Andrea Pinti.
Mastering by Steve Kitch (Audiomaster) www.audiomaster.co.uk

The album “Red Apple” is inspired by the novel “Mela Rossa” written by Dario Lastella.


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Red Apple
(Lyrics and Music by Dario Lastella)

White souls tune in to some odd frequency.
Unseen winds bring vibrations they only feel.
Four souls tune in to that same frequency.
Their minds perceive a flash beyond the trees.

Their words explain the biggest change.
We can’t understand, nothing will be the same.
That green man stole their look so sore,
And now their words run fast across the world.

White souls resound in that room.
Red apple will cross this window soon.
Black souls tuned in to some straight frequency.
Our ears can hear, but we just can’t see.

Blue souls tuned in to this mean frequency.
Our eyes will see an apple too near.

They are the other side of the moon.
Red apple will cross this window soon.

Web Tube Stars
(Lyrics and Music by Dario Lastella)

Look at those freaks.
Hurry man, shoot them with your mobile phone.
They’re rocking, they’re raving.
Don’t miss a single word, they are so mind-blown.

They are Seers of Visions.
They unveil new seasons.
Upload this soon on your Web Tube.
One million views in just two days.
Web Tube Stars.
All the world now knows what they say.
People now know them!
These freaks are brand new Web Tube Stars.

Look at the breaking news
Powerful earthquake strikes Antarctica.
I feel a bit afraid.
Don’t be dumb, nobody lives in Antarctica.

They are Seers of Visions.
They unveil new seasons.
Watch them freaks soon on your Web Tube.
One billion views in just two days
Web Tube Stars.
All the world is listening to what they say.
People now know them!

These freaks are brand new Web Tube Stars.
These freaks rule, they’re brand new Web Tube Stars.

(Lyrics by Claudio Lapenna and Dario Lastella. Music by Claudio Lapenna)

Colours are eclipsed by the sky, sand from the past world.
New oceans are floating in limitless dimensions
And the light is getting cold.
The stars are moving
And the morning light is slowly changing
The colours in the painting of the night.

A million universes arising every moment from the cosmic dust,
With time and space related in unknown ways.
Now we can look at what’s behind the Sun,
now we can feel the shape of Infinity.
The World has faded away,
Man has disappeared in just a sigh.
Now we’re living in a brand new World,
Flying from flowers to the stars.
We can touch what once was nothing,
Biting our pillows, we’ll taste our windows.

No memories are left of the eternal glories.
No footprints are left of the long marches.
No walls remain of the immortal empires.
No grief remains for the eternal greed.
There will always be a new dawn after the last sunset,
After Nibiru crosses the Sun.
We’ll learn to see the world a thousand years from now.
We’ll glimpse what comes after…
We’ll know what comes after…

They are almost here
(Lyrics and Music by Dario Lastella)

We don’t know their shape.
We don’t know their eyes.
We don’t know their smell.
But they’re almost here.
We don’t know their face.
We don’t know their skin.
We don’t know their voice.
But they’re almost here.
And they are not coming in peace…

We don’t know their thoughts.
We don’t know their tastes.
We don’t know their fears.
But they’re almost here.
We don’t know their gods.
We don’t know their minds.
We don’t know their power.
But they’re almost here.

And they are the enemies.
And they are so cruel.
And they are so scary.
And they are so evil.
And they’ll kill us all.
They’ll enslave us all
As we did for thousand years.
As we are still doing.

God save us! / Gott mit uns!

Red Sun Tonight
(Lyrics and Music by Dario Lastella)

Cold. I breathe the haze in a winter dawn.
Dewdrops are sparkling white and gold.
I’m crawling now through mud and stones.
I feel so tired, but I have to go far away from this place,
Running away from this rage.

“You can’t do this to me! I’ll call the cops!”
“Shut up, man, you’re under arrest! We are the cops!”
When your mind’s filled with hate your deepest fears turn to Faith.

Look, there’s a spot on the Sun, no one could see its run.
No, I won’t cry, I won’t waste a sigh.
Soon it will stop Time.

Sky. Nothing else matters tonight
while this mantle of blood hides the starshine.
All I did, all I said, everything now seems to fade.

Look, there’s a red Sun tonight. Look, what an eerie light.
No, I won’t cry. I won’t waste a sigh.
Soon it will overturn Time.

Space Refugees
(Lyrics by Dario Lastella. Music by Dario Lastella and Enzo Bellocchio)

Six hundred people left our planet this morning.
While we’re waiting for the end to come.
Sixty men will drive them to a new beginning.
While we’re waiting for the end to come.
Six brave Captains guarantee that the best will survive.
While we’re waiting for the end to come.
But something is going wrong.
That red sun is far too strong.
All the crews have lost control.
Now begins the eternal fall.
Our leaders are now lost in the infinity of space.
Time has come for them today.

Christmas 2012
(Lyrics and Music by Dario Lastella)

The relics from that past age appeared one day in the polar ice.
Signs of ancient life, remains of a forgotten time.
Our scientists discovered there once was an advanced people
Who suddenly disappeared.
Tons of objects buried for ages, reveal how those men once were.
An enormous plastic signboard saying Merry Christmas 2012.

The night of the thunder remained in Naranbaatar’s eyes.
The Earth was shaking, all the horses were running wild.
And the second Sun was going his way.
(That red apple crossing the sky).
Far away into the darkest skies. It was time to go down South.
(That red apple moved the Polar Star South).

But the birds were moving strangely, searching warm fields North.
“The World has changed”, Oyunbileg said
“Our place will be a new land”.
Naranbaatar led his people in that new world dawn.
When his daughter Kushi was born, that day, it was Christmas 2012.

We are moving to the green lowlands in Antarctica...

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